NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND by Julie MoffettNo Woman Left Behind by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #6
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press


Not long ago, Lexi and one of her best friends, Elvis Zimmerman, stopped a madman and cybercriminal intent on using a special high school and the internet to bring down part of the U.S. infrastructure.  While they stopped the current mission, Johannes Broodryk, said madman, got away.  But right this minute, Lexi has a much more dangerous mission to complete—a dinner with her parents and her new and only boyfriend.


Dinner doesn’t go quite as planned, unless you are expecting bullets with your salad.  As that nightmare becomes clear, Lexi discovers that Johannes Broodryk isn’t about to accept defeat from a couple of young geeks.  He is issued an invitation that Lexi cannot refuse: to solve his clues and to save the life of Elvis, who has been kidnapped.  With Elvis’ life on the line, Lexi sees no other way than to go on this hunt, even when her boyfriend, Slash, is adamantly against it.


Lexi is now off on a mission with the help of the U.S. government and her own team of Navy Seals.  The government wants Broodryk and his latest attempt to destroy the U.S. and other nations brought down.  Lexi is going to save Elvis and if she can also bring down Broodryk at the same time, then it’s a double score.  On her hunt, Lexi comes to respect all that it means to be a Seal and sees herself and the Seals as a team as she places herself and them in danger to solve the clues that will get her to Elvis.  It all comes down to who has the best moves, Lexi and her Seals or Broodryk and his assassins. When it comes to who is smarter about computers and the internet… Do you really want to vote against Lexi and her friends?


When a self-addressed girl geek must decide to rescue a friend or stay safe, there really is no question of going after the friend—especially if her name is Lexi Carmichael.  In No Woman Left Behind, Lexi and all of those around her will learn just how far good friends will go to keep those they love safe.  While I could see why Slash was so against Lexi taking up the challenge of rescuing Elvis, I was very happy to see how this first fight between Lexi and Slash worked out.  I have loved watching Lexi grow during the previous books in this series, but I truly believe that she grew the most during her adventures in No Woman Left Behind.


Not only did Lexi accept that she was putting her life in danger, but also that both she and Elvis could be killed at any time.  I really enjoyed watching as Lexi came to know the Seal team that was assigned to her and then seemed to just automatically put them within her friend-shield to keep safe, if possible. She really didn’t care that they were trained to be in dangerous situations; If she saw a way to lessen the danger then that was what Lexi did.  There are so many places in this book that I would love to discuss in detail, but, in the end, I decided that anything more would just give too much away.  All I can say is, I read this book in one sitting and did not regret the lost sleep.  There are many aspects of love within Lexi’s adventure this time, she’s surrounded by deadly danger, and there’s just the right touch of humor to keep things from getting too tense.  I can’t recommend this story enough, even by Joyfully Recommending it as a must-read—for those who have fallen for Lexi and for those who love military stories—No Woman Left Behind has something for everyone, I believe.

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