NOBODY’S HERO by Kallypso Masters

NOBODY’S HERO by Kallypso Masters

NOBODY’S HERO by Kallypso MastersNobody's Hero by Kallypso Masters
Series: Rescue Me #3
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher

Reviewed by Talia Ricci


Ten years ago Master Sergeant Adam Montague rescued teenager Karla Paxton from a bus terminal and in the years since, they have kept in touch via mail. Karla’s innocence and personality is something that Adam craves but is unwilling to act upon. When Karla finds him in Colorado at the club he owns with two other former Marines, Adam is thrown for a loop because he suddenly has to realize that the pixie teenager he remembers is finally a seductive and sexy woman. And it is with this realization that Adam knows he is in trouble; not because of his age, but because of his past – a past that has shaped him into the domineering and protective man he is today. Karla, however, is undeterred and is just as determined to make Adam see her as a woman – his woman. 

Nobody’s Hero begins at the end of book two of Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me series. Adam has been injured and Karla is his faithful nurse. Well, until he regains his faculties and when that happens, Master Adam is back in charge with a vengeance. *insert uncontrolled shiver* Adam is exactly what his title implies. He is a Master to top all masters and completely unapologetic. He is dominating but protective and just a tiny bit stubborn. He has decided that Karla does not need someone like him and won’t even discuss anything to the contrary. It’s a good thing that Karla is just as stubborn as Master Adam because she wants him, she plans to have him, and nothing is going to stop her. The results are electrifying and so pleasingly naughty!

I wholeheartedly with great pleasure and much fan girl love Joyfully Recommend Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters! Nobody’s Hero encompasses everything I hoped for Master Adam. He deserves his happily ever after and with Karla by his side, I believe he has finally found the peace and balance he needs. Please be aware that Nobody’s Hero is the third book of Ms. Masters’ Rescue Me series and it does tie into books one (Masters at Arms) and two (Nobody’s Angel). I highly encourage reading those installments first before reading Nobody’s Hero in order to get character plotlines and back stories. You won’t be sorry!

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