OCEAN LIGHT by Nalini Singh

OCEAN LIGHT by Nalini Singh

OCEAN LIGHT by Nalini SinghOcean Light by Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

Kaia Luna, a cook on Ryújin, a BlackSea city, at least she is a cook now but she used to be a lab assistant to her cousin.  So, when Kaia was asked to check in on their new lab experiment, aka Bowen Knight, to see how he was doing, of course she agreed.  What Kaia didn’t expect was for Bowen to wake up while she was the only one in the room or how he would instantly affect her once he was awake.  She also knows that even a weak Bowen can be a deadly one. Kaia discovers new informationwhich seems to say that instead of being a friend to Black Sea, Bowen might be a deadly enemy and he just happens to be her mate.


Bowen Adrian Knight, the security chief of the Human Alliance, is shocked to wake up to discover that he should be dead from a sniper shot, Only because his sister, Lily, agreed to let him be used for an experiment is he alive. A second shock is to discover that he is miles down in the ocean on a BlackSea underwater city; and if that isn’t enough, he is being checked on by a sexy and cranky cook that smells like cinnamon.  Once Bowen learns exactly what the experiment is and how it can help his friends and his sister, he agrees to be a living guinea pig. He hopes that even if he doesn’t survive, the knowledge learned will save others in the Human Alliance with the chip in their brain.  Now, Bowen has a definite time table – 2 weeks, after which he will either have the rest of his life or have no life at all.


As Bowen is going through the stages of the experiment, he learns a lot about the BlackSea and especially about Kaia.  Kaia is trying to ignore what Bowen is to her, but the more she gets to know him the more what she believes about Bowen just doesn’t make sense.  Both Bowen and Kaia initially try to denythe feelings between them but you know some things  can’t be ignored.  However, all isn’t just science and passion; when Bowen learns that he is a suspect in the death of a really good friend of Kaia’s he demands to try and learn just what happened and how his name was brought into it.  Kaia and Bowen start putting the pieces of the puzzle together while their passion flames higher and higher.  It seems that the BlackSea traitor is closer than anyone ever expected and when the name becomes clear, all are in disbelief.  Time is not on Kaia and Bowen’s side, because soon it’s time for Bowen to take the last steps that will either save every human with a chip or end any future that Kaia and Bowen might have together.  There are huge questions that will also need answering if Bowen comes out of this, like how to combine their worlds in a way that will keep both happy.


An ex lab assistant turned cook extraordinaire and a determined security chief find a love that defeats all  odds in Ocean Light.  I was very excited when I learned that Bowen was the next hero and couldn’t imagine who would be his mate, but Kaia was more than his match.  I loved how at first Kaia tried to deny that Bowen was her mate. Bowen was intrigued by the sexy Kaia but didn’t want to start anything when he knew the true odds of his surviving the experiment on his brain.  Even better was watching how they took each careful step towards the love that exploded between them.  I also enjoyed how the mystery on who was selling out the members of BlackSea and other things were puzzled out and that the endings to each suited those individuals.  Come on now, you didn’t really think I was going to tell you everything did you?  What I will tell you is that Ocean Light is an excellent second book in the Trinity series and one that no one should miss if they have loved any of the Psy/Changeling books.  I can also tell you Ocean Light is Joyfully Recommended by me to you as a must read!

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