OLD LOYALITY, NEW LOVE by Mary CalmesOld Loyalty, New Love by Mary Calmes
Published by Dreamspinner Press on 2013-12
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Since a childhood accident left him scarred, Roman Howell relies on his bodyguard and friend, jackal shifter Quade Danas. Quade's allegiance is tested when he discovers that another alpha is threatening to takeover his pack and he must return leaving Roman behind.


In the small coastal town of Corbett, Maine lies the breathtaking chateau L’Ange where the wealthiest family in the area resides.  Roman Howell is the last of his family.  Intelligent, well educated and surprisingly non pretentious, the twenty- something would be considered by most as having everything one could want.  Life, however has a way of twisting the most innocent of beings.

At seventeen Roman was involved in a tragic accident.  He survived when others didn’t though he didn’t walk away whole.  Parts of his body, his face in particular, were burned so badly that even with years of painful surgeries Roman never fully recovered.  Eventually he called a halt to more and learned to deal with people’s reaction to his visage.  Apparently Roman hadn’t dealt with enough pain because during his college years his beloved parents died in a pointless accident.  The only constant in his life was Quade Danas, bodyguard and confidant hired a year before he was injured.

Over a decade now, Quade remains at Roman’s side though recently he’s begun to think it’s time to move on.  In his heart Quade can’t imagine life without his younger charge. Roman isn’t simply his boss anymore.  One would think after all these years Quade would realize that Roman is well aware of where the bodyguard’s thoughts are heading. Roman has no intention of allowing the best thing in his life to leave him behind, ever.

Old Loyalty, New Love elevates the genre.  A well written contemporary – check, a multi-layered paranormal – check, and lastly, a poignant, sensual love story – check and mate.  Roman and Quade’s roller coaster romance sizzles throughout Old Loyalty, New Love.  Adventure, drama, and love shines in this intense tale.  The more Quade tries to pull away the tighter Roman holds on.  Secrets are exposed and their lives take a turn no one sees coming.  I Joyfully recommend Old Loyalty, New Love, a page turner you can’t put down.

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