ONCE UPON A SCANDAL by Delilah Marvelle

ONCE UPON A SCANDAL by Delilah Marvelle

ONCE UPON A SCANDAL by Delilah MarvelleOnce Upon a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle
Series: The Scandal #2
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by HQN Books

Reviewed by Vanessa

Lady Victoria Jane Emerson left behind her girlish notions of romance when Jonathan deserted her without a backward glance. Now the time has come when she must finally choose a husband, and she has vowed to marry someone who will never break her heart.Jonathan Pierce Thatcher, Viscount Remington, has returned home, free of all his family's debts. Only to discover that by some miracle he has been chosen to vie for the hand of his beloved Victoria. To convince his only love to once again believe in the magic of love and the promise of desire will be his greatest challenge yet. And one he cannot fail!


Lady Victoria Emerson vowing to shield her heart from the emotional heartbreak that her father has suffered doesn’t give her heart away easily. She has been brought up a Lady and can be stubborn about things. But Jonathan Thatcher, Viscount Remington, is able to worm his way past her carefully erected defenses. Jonathan is a passionate, romantic hero who fell in love with Victoria and despite his friend’s warnings of her inability to love easily he pursues her. On the eve of his departure they share a heartwarming kiss and the promises to write one another. All seems well as they correspond via letters for the next few months, but then Jonathan’s letters change. He is saying that some things have occurred beyond his control and he won’t be writing her anymore. He releases her of her affections and promises her that if she continues to write him he will not respond to her at all. Heartbroken Victoria ignores his warning and instead writes him repeatedly . . . fifty-two more letters over the next two years. Finally she gives up believing that the love she had felt for him is no more. Three years later Jonathan is back in her life vying for her hand and acting as though the intervening years had never occurred. Jonathan has been given a second chance to have the woman of his dreams. But will he be able to surmount the walls that Victoria has erected around her hear to win or will he have to concede defeat and walk away? 

Once Upon a Scandal was a joy to read. I found the characters to be charming and endearing and I adored reading about them. I felt Jonathan was a wonderful hero who showed many facets of his personality. He started out as such a romantic who was willing to put others first, even before himself. Yet when he returned he had grown up so much that he now comes across as a bit selfish wanting things to be like they were and wanting it desperately without putting a lot of effort into it. He does realize that it will take more time and endeavors to embark on that journey, but until he does he was a bit frustrating at times. But I always felt that he truly loved Victoria, he just didn’t always know how to reach out to her. He seemed to have been more of a beta hero in the beginning and then he switched to some alpha aspects while at the same time crying that Victoria had changed. In essence, she really didn’t. She was always stubborn and a bit closed off with her emotions. It was just that he was able to tap into them after a time. This time around he will need to work harder to get back into her heart and fill it to overflowing. Jonathan is a true romantic and he seems to believe that love heals all wounds and he wants to heal Victoria’s wounds as well as his own. Victoria learns to embrace what she feels and not run away from it. 

Once Upon a Scandal was a fantastic read! I lost track of time with the reading of this novel it was that absorbing. Delilah Marvelle has a way of portraying a lot of emotions with just a few well-spoken words, BRAVO!

Being a library reader it is great praise to say that Once Upon a Scandal will be purchased for my keeper shelf; even greater praise because I think I will purchase two copies: one for me and the other to share with another!

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