OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

OPENING UP by Lauren DaneOpening Up by Lauren Dane
Series: Ink and Chrome #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Forever


PJ Colman (Penelope Jean, if you really want to know) has always been a black sheep in her family.  First off, she drops out of college because PJ knows exactly what she wants to do and college classes won’t set her up for that.  PJ is part of the next generation of Colman Enterprises along with her brothers and sister, and she wants to make her mark by expanding their reach in the automotive industry with custom painting.  PJ has trained herself and even taken on a few clients to show her father and uncle that this addition can add exposure, more clientele, and especially more profit if they let her do this—only to be struck down in the worse way.  While PJ is struggling with her place in the family and the family business, there is one bright spot.  A tall, dark and rugged man she met recently at a car show has definitely revved her engine.


Asa Barrons is the co-owner of Twisted Steel, along with his good friend Duke Bradshaw.  It’s a shop that they started up after leaving the military which has produced amazing custom cars and trucks; it is gaining a great reputation for the work and soul they put into each vehicle.  Asa is a definite dominate in all aspects of his life, especially in the bedroom, and has always picked a certain type of woman to play with.  When Asa meets PJ, he is more than interested in her, but she is nowhere near the type of woman he usually plays with.  Besides that, she is much younger than he is, and Asa’s head says that is even more of a reason to keep his contact with PJ as a vendor only.


PJ knows what she wants and that is Asa in spades, and she has never been one to go down without a fight.  After one spectacular night together, PJ walks into Twisted Steel after a horrible day only to receive a blow-off from Asa.  Talk about a now truly crappy day.  However, PJ knows there is more than one way to fight, and she withdraws.  Asa fights hard; he can’t resist PJ any longer and gives PJ a choice. They can be together if she can accept all that Asa is or they can just be friends.  PJ might be young, but she isn’t afraid of playing with Asa and trying whatever he comes up with.  Asa and his passion and his ultimate support are all that PJ needs to grow and become the mate that Asa wants and needs.  And he also helps her believe in herself enough to fight for her place in Colman Enterprises.


A chance meeting at a car show erupts in erotic passion and a strong and vibrant relationship full of strength and love in Opening Up.  Right off the bat, I have to say that I absolutely loved Asa and PJ, even when I was shaking my head at them.  Ms. Dane always gives us women who know what they want and who go for it full speed ahead, and PJ was definitely from that mold.  While I could see why Asa thought he was doing the right thing when he first broke up with PJ, I was beyond happy that he finally got out of his own way and just gave up to the day-to-day experiences with PJ.  Also, who can’t love a strong dominate with a marshmallow inside for those he considers his to love and protect.  I can’t wait to see how PJ and Asa’s relationship grows as the other books in this series come out.  I have come to believe that no one can do smoldering eroticism like Lauren Dane—she has proven this again with PJ and Asa in Opening Up.  For all the reasons I have mentioned and so many more that you will discover when you read PJ and Asa’s journey, I wholeheartedly Joyfully Recommend Opening Up.  If this first book is anything to go by, I foresee the entire series as very hot and sexy while still giving you a real life story that makes you believe you could meet PJ and Asa or any of the characters by walking into a neighborhood store.

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