PICKS & PUCKS by Teegan Loy

PICKS & PUCKS by Teegan Loy

PICKS & PUCKS by Teegan LoyPicks & Pucks by Teegan Loy
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

No one would disagree that Justin Corrin has a gift with a hockey puck.  Justin also has incredible talent with a figure skating pick. His life should have been a dream.  Far from it.  His older hockey player brother is jealous and his father, a college hockey coach, has a fit when he learns that Justin is taking figure skating classes.  Adding to that his hockey player boyfriend insists on staying firmly in the closet.  His mother’s death in a car accident is the final blow in destroying Justin’s home life.  She was the glue that kept them together.  After the funeral he left his fractured family for training in California.


Just missing the podium at Nationals Justin agrees to come home with his demons to face the mess he left behind.  Confronting family members it seems that they are trying to make amends while Justin is the one who won’t let the past go.


New skating programs, developing family relations, and a new hockey boyfriend who’s not in the closet.  Justin is learning that he makes his own drama and his own demons.  It’s up to him to make a life worth cherishing.


Such sorrow and angst in the beginning.  The evolution of the main character’s growth in Picks and Pucks is gritty, realistic, and heartwarming.  Accepting Justin’s invisible demons may take a moment of adjustment, but they have a place in the skater’s maturity so bear with them.  The secondary characters are just as real and intrinsic to the plotline.  Picks and Pucks is the story of a family that’s unraveled by anger and death, however time and love is knitting them back together.   Cheer them on.  I Joyfully recommend Picks and Pucks. Tissue optional.

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