QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez & Bellora Quinn

QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez
& Bellora Quinn

QUINN’S GAMBIT by Angel Martinez & Bellora Quinn
Quinn's Gambit
by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn

Series: AURA #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


AURA, otherwise known as the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation, was created in response to a disaster at Berkley which ripped apart the human understanding of our world.  Scientists titled it RARE or Random Anomalous Reality Events.  These two long winded alphabet names are a way of dealing with creatures of folklore or nightmares suddenly showing up in our lives.   They didn’t want to be dropped into our world any more than we knew what to do with them.  But with no way back AURA was necessary.


In his own world Valerian was a warrior prince among his elf brethren.  His brave steed suffered a horrible death and the elf was badly injured when they fell into our reality.  After healing Valerian made peace with his new life and accepted a position at AURA.  Val became an officer to help others dealing with the same situation.


Though there are any number of strangers or oddities landing in our world there are also humans, born and bred here who possess their own magical abilities.  One of those is a mage called Quinten.  The native New Yorker had a difficult childhood and later Quinn’s surrogate parent made any interest in his sexuality too terrifying to explore.  The betrayal destroyed any chance at trusting another.


An event drops a female dryad literally on top of Quinn in Central Park and the young mage proves he’s not quite as heartless as he projects to others by taking her to AURA.  Little does he know that first encounter with a stoic elf officer will set in motion a future Quinn never saw coming.  Destiny in the form of a rigid warrior prince.


Quinn’s Gambit tells a veritable rich written feast with the otherworldly fantasy set in a contemporary storyline. Drama and suspense builds from the start while the romance between Val and Quinn slowly develops into a passionate love.  Yet, it’s unsure whether their feelings will solidify until the end and keeps the reader guessing.  This first book in the AURA series features a strong paranormal influence, great character development, and a truly exciting, tense plotline.  I Joyfully recommend Quinn’s Gambit.  Kudos to authors Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn for their inventive storytelling skills.

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