REACHING THE EDGE by L. M. SomertonGenres: BDSM, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

Reviewed by Lisa


Between a career as a criminal psychologist and half owner of The Edge, a private corporate training center retreat, Joe Dexter leads a very full, tension filled life.  To unwind Joe spends his leisure time at The Underground where he can explore his Dominant sensuality.  At this point in his life Joe would like nothing better than to find a submissive man to call his own and share a D/s lifestyle.

His friends at The Underground decide to set Joe up with a new member at the club, Oliver Glenn.  Luckily for everyone the two are a perfect match and agree to spend a weekend together.  The Dom quickly realizes that someone hurt Oliver very badly in the past going by the sub’s reaction to a scene they try. 

Acknowledging issues that Oliver continues to deal with, they also know they are meant to be together, and the sub wants a D/s lifestyle with Joe.  Joe will do whatever it takes to make Oliver feel stronger and ready for a fulfilling future with the Dom.  Neither is aware however that Oliver’s previous Master doesn’t consider them done and he wants his sub back by any means necessary. 

Beautifully done.  Highly erotic and tastefully written.  Reaching the Edge takes a fascinating look at the BDSM lifestyle and the men who relish that world.  Joe is all Dom and an intelligent, successful businessman.  Oliver is still dealing with a painful past, physical and mental trauma though he refuses to let it ruin his future. He’s sweet with an iron core.  Reaching the Edge is a powerful, character driven story that resonates with heart and redemption.  I Joyfully recommend Reaching the Edge.  Simply stunning.

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