REFLECTION POINT by Emily MarchReflection Point by Emily March
Series: Eternity Springs #6
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Ballantine Books

Reviewed by Miranda

In beloved author Emily March's new novel about a special place and its remarkable residents, a woman betrayed by life discovers the healing power of love in Eternity Springs. Savannah Moore arrives in Eternity Springs alone, determined to put her troubled past behind her. Her handcrafted-soap shop fits right in with the magic of this warm and welcoming community—but the sexy, suspicious local sheriff promises to upset her hard-won happiness. Zach Turner knows this woman means trouble: Maybe to his town. Possibly to his friends. Definitely to his heart. Something about this simmering Southern beauty does crazy things to his committed bachelor status, taunting him with possibilities far beyond his dedication to his sometimes dangerous job. So when Savannah's dark past follows her to town, wreaking havoc with both their lives, Zach will fight for all he's worth—for a love he can't afford to lose.Includes a preview of Emily March's next Eternity Springs novel, Miracle RoadPraise for Emily March and Reflection Point “Reflection Point is a sweet heartwarming novel that will leave you feeling giddy.”—Joyfully Reviewed

Another lost soul has come to Eternity Springs to find a home…Savannah Moore is ready to leave her past behind and find a home in the small town of Eternity Springs. The people are sweet and welcoming of her and her new handcrafted soap business. She prays that they don’t find out about her troubled past. 

Sheriff Zach Turner is determined to keep his town safe. When he rescues a beautiful woman from falling off a cliff he is surprised to find her ungrateful. Savannah and Zach clash immediately and things get worse when he digs into her past.

Savannah will do anything to keep Zach from spilling the beans to all of her new friends. It doesn’t take her long to learn that Zach isn’t like all the cops she’s used to; this man is actually a good guy. Can they find love together in Eternity Springs or will Savannah’s past come back to haunt them? 

Emily March makes beautiful music with her latest Eternity Springs novel, Reflection Point. The Eternity Springs series never fails to make me euphoric. This is one town that I would love to go and visit. Savannah and Zach’s story is filled with heartache and bliss. I really enjoyed Savannah’s character. She is a fighter and she made me laugh so much! Zach is a sweetie and all male. The sparks fly between them from their first fiery meeting. 

I just love Ms. March’s characters! Reflection Point gives the reader great times with all of the characters we have come to love throughout the series. It’s so important because Savannah really needs this extended family and it’s so lovely watching her realize that these people are her friends. Savannah and Zach face many obstacles on their road to romance. I love how they face them head on and try to figure out a way to solve things together. 

Reflection Point is a sweet heartwarming novel that will leave you feeling giddy and that is why I am Joyfully Recommending it!!


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