REVENANT by Larissa Ione

REVENANT by Larissa Ione

REVENANT by Larissa IoneRevenant by Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica #11
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing



Revenant is on a war path after getting his memories back and discovering that for five thousand years he has been a virtual slave in Hell while his twin brother seemingly had Heaven’s backing.  Revenant wants to know why he was left and forced to do horrible things just to survive and why his mother was also sacrificed when she should have been rescued and taken back to heaven.  To say that Revenant has a nasty attitude doesn’t quite cover it, and the more “answers” he appears to find, the worse it gets.  However, there is one person who Revenant only wants to show his best side to, even when that isn’t always possible.


Blaspheme has many, many secrets that she has to keep hidden in order to live. Being a False Angel gives Blaspheme powers that help her in her chosen career. She works hard to save lives at Underworld General, yet to keep her secrets in tact and to save herself, Blaspheme might have to take a life.  She has decided that is not acceptable, and she is searching for another answer as time is ticking away.  Blaspheme’s entire existence is at stake.  Like that isn’t enough, it appears that one major bad ass has decided he wants her, and he is the absolute last person Blaspheme can afford to learn the truth about her. Wanting to just give in to the smoldering passion between Revenant and herself doesn’t help either.


Revenant needs Blaspheme in more ways than one, yet he would be the happiest man in Hell to finally let the powerful lust between them get what it wants. As Revenant follows even more clues on what really happened to him from his birth until now, even more astonishing answers appear, and they show him that maybe he wasn’t just the throw-away twin. Blaspheme is forced into a tough corner as her powers are disappearing and angels appear to have figured out the truth about her. When Revenant and Blaspheme finally team up, all three realms better start shaking, because they aren’t about to stop until all the nasty truths are out in the open, and they really don’t care who it takes down. When it appears that one of those truths is the key to fulfilling a powerful prophesy, things are about to change in Heaven, Hell, and Earth, because the love that Revenant has for Blaspheme won’t settle for any less. Buckle up boys and girls, because this is going to be a bumpy ride for sure.


A love story that will have Heaven, Hell, and Earth checking to see if the doors are locked is just how Revenant begins and ends.  Revenant and Blaspheme have both been used as scapegoats their entire lives, but that is about to end as they discover a passion for each other and work together to put so many wrongs to right.  I have to say right off that all I could think of as I finished this amazing book was “damn.”  I just couldn’t believe all that was wrapped up in it or how both Revenant and Blaspheme brought so many of the powerful down and brought about peace. As I read about just what Revenant went through and was forced to believe for so long, I’m not at all surprised that his attitude was on the nasty side. Yet, I could see the light in him when he was anywhere near Blaspheme or thought about her. Something told me that there was a lot beneath the covers and all I could do was hold on as everything, and I do mean everything was pulled out into the open at last. I have to say I did cheer as the final battles happened and certain someones got exactly what they deserved.


Revenant is the perfect ending to two series that intertwined, Demonica and Lords of Deliverance, with such a satisfying bang and all the associate fireworks.  I already have planned to re-read both series in order as they appeared in the timeline to relive the many, many twists that kept me of gripped within each and every book.  I am Joyfully Recommending Revenant because it deserves that and much more as a fantastic ending and a book that is a must-read, even if you haven’t read all the books in both series. Although I would recommend that you at least re-read them in order to get everything.

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