ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini Singh

ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini Singh

ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini SinghRock Addiction by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #1
Genres: Contemporary
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Reviewed by Jo

JoyfullyRecommendedMolly Webster grew up having to face a very ugly and very public scandal.  That experience has never left Molly and she lives her life doing her best to stay far, far out of the lime light.  But when your newly discovered half-sister is a publicist for one of the hottest international rock bands, it becomes hard.  When Molly and her best friend decided to attend one of the parties for Schoolboy Choir, Molly thought she could enjoy her night and stay out of the media spotlight.  That was before she had her first up close look at Fox and his sexy lip ring, the lead singer of Schoolboy Choir.


Zachary Fox is a serious hard rocking bad boy but once you have his friendship, he is also the most protective man around to those he chooses to be his family.  Fox, like all of the other band members, knows that the media, publicity and access to the band members is part of the gig.  Fox felt lust the instant he saw Molly but he couldn’t get close enough to see if she felt the same way as the party went on.  So when he saw Molly leaving, Fox made his move that ended with one hot night’s passion for both Fox and Molly.


Molly agreed to one night with Fox, sure that would be enough to cool her lust for Fox and still keep her out of the limelight.  But when Molly learns that the band is staying in New Zealand for an extended period it takes steely nerves from Molly and determination from Fox to extend their night into a month of passion.  Fox thought it was just skittishness on Molly’s part on why she wanted/needed to stay in the background – that was before he learned the truth about her past.  Now Fox knows just what type of a battle he will have on his hands if he wants to keep Molly in his life and that is ALL Fox wants – Molly forever.  A rock and roll lifestyle is a rocky road with lots of pitfalls along the way, but it’s a journey that Fox and Molly travel together facing each hurdle as a team and learning just how together they can conquer anything.  But as the media and fans learn about Molly will that trust and love be enough to overcome Molly’s fear of the media?


Passion proves that even a media stung woman and a hot rock star can find a way to be a couple in the glare of the spotlight in Rock Addiction.  Molly and Fox had very different experiences with the type of media that follow public figures and attitudes about it.  I loved how both Molly and Fox were true to themselves – tempers, misunderstandings and hot passionate interludes – as they discovered the love that came out of their initial lust.  I also loved how real each of the band members and their issues were as Molly and Fox came together.  It seemed to me that just about everything was thrown at Molly and Fox in an attempt to tear them apart.  The best part was that every issue seemed to bring them closer and closer together.  The one thing you can’t miss and seals the deal is how both Molly and Fox found a way to overcome huge issues in their pasts just by talking and loving each other.  Rock Addiction is a fun, hot and an exciting beginning to a new series with Molly and Fox’s story the best starting point.  One of the best rock band stories I have read in a long time – in that it doesn’t hide the hard things and still finds a way to bring that awesome ending that romance readers long for.


There were two side stories that I’m hoping will become stories so I can see the entire journey on how and if these characters get together.  Another great sign that a new series is going to be a hit – hitting the author’s coming soon page to see when the next books are out right after finishing the first book.  Rock Addiction is a keeper from the first word until the last one, with so many things in between that will stay in your mind long after that last page is turned and it’s also a book that I Joyfully Recommend.

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