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RUNNING FROM THE PAST by Katie ReusRunning from the Past by Katie Reus
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Miami socialite Emma Garcia is used to running to sales not from gun wielding psychos.  But when she witnesses her fiancé murder two women she has no choice.  Luckily, she finds a job as a horse farm chef in the middle of nowhere.  However, she never expected to find herself attracted to her hot boss.


Caleb Ryder is a wealthy ex-Marine.  He owns a horse farm and is in desperate need of a chef for his employees.  Caleb has a feeling the young lady applying for the job is lying about who she really is but he hires her anyway. Emma proves to be an exceptional chef.  He cannot resist her food or her body.


Someone get me a fan! Katie Reus sets the pages on fire with Emma and Caleb in Running from the Past.  These two are on fire with sexual chemistry.  Caleb is the perfect Alpha male to protect Emma’s body and heart. He is one of those sexy types that turn you on when he goes above and beyond for his woman.  Emma is a strong woman.  She learns just how strong she can be when she is able to be free in this new life with Caleb.  Loads of suspenseful moments and blistering scenes make Running from the Past a Joyfully Recommended Read! I could not put this down once I started!

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