SAFE AT LAST by Maya Banks

SAFE AT LAST by Maya Banks

SAFE AT LAST by Maya BanksSafe at Last by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Zack Covington was briefly an NFL player when an accident had him walking away from the game. It wasn’t that he couldn’t play; it just wasn’t in his heart to continue. Now he is an employee for Deveraux Security, and he spends his time protecting people.  Part of his dedication to his job is because he enjoys keeping people safe from those that would harm them, which is something he didn’t do to the love if his life twelve years ago.  For the last twelve years, besides his job, Zack has been on a quest to find out just what happened to his “Gracie.”


Anna-Grace Hill is no longer a young and innocent girl and has survived an experience that no girl should ever have to deal with.  If that was not bad enough, that same experience showed her a betrayal of a man that Anna-Grace loved and expected to spend the rest of her life with.  Now Anna-Grace has become the artist that she always wanted to be and is about to have her first large show in a gallery.  It is time for Anna-Grace to put the past behind her and finally move forward.


Zack and Anna-Grace come face-to-face unexpectedly, and the outcome puts fear in her and rage in him.  Zack is trying to figure out just why his Gracie is beyond scared of him, and Anna-Grace is wondering if she can survive meeting Zack again after his last betrayal of her.  Before Zack can get Anna-Grace to tell him just what happened so long ago, she is attacked by an old enemy of the owners of Devereaux Security and the women they love.  Now, it’s beyond personal for Zack and with Devereaux Security to both help protect Anna-Grace and bring down those that hurt her.  As Anna-Grace slowly recovers she finally confronts Zack about just what happened twelve years ago, and she receives a very different reaction—one of horror and disbelief.  Anna-Grace begins to wonder if she has been correct in exactly what she has believed for so long.  Zack has always loved his Gracie and will do whatever he needs to do to try and gain her trust and love again.  Anna-Grace lost so much twelve years ago and now it appears that she might gain most of it back if she can just find the way back to Zack again.  It’s an explosive few days when all those who hurt Anna-Grace get just what they deserve, and the how and by whom might be the bridge that bring Zack and Anna-Grace needs to find forever together.


When young love is destroyed and years later they meet up again, can a lost love find a way to blossom again?  Zack and Anna-Grace have just this second chance in Safe at Last.  I could almost feel the agony from both Zack and Anna-Grace when they met back up and again later as they traveled the pothole-filled path back to each other.  My heart hurt several times for both Zack and Anna-Grace as I discovered just what happened to tear them apart, and I have to admit that I cheered as Zack took care of those who hurt his love.  Then I cheered again as Anna-Grace proved just how strong she was when she put herself in danger to help save a woman who tried to protect her, and she was also Zack’s friend.


Safe at Last is full of emotions that will both tear your heart out and make you want to hug Zack and Anna-Grace.  Their journey back together was not easy at all and yet it had me captivated to see what would happen next.  While I will say there were several spots that were not comfortable to read, I found the entire book unforgettable and a definite keeper.  In other words, Safe at Last is a Joyfully Recommended Read and a book you won’t want to miss even if you haven’t read the previous two books in the series.

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