THE SCORE by Elle Kennedy

THE SCORE by Elle Kennedy

THE SCORE by Elle KennedyThe Score by Elle Kennedy
Series: Off Campus #3
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Reviewed by Dani

I’m not a lover of hockey and I’m just getting into the New Adult genre but I have to say The Score was just wow! Once I stared it I stayed up just to finish because this is just one of the books where I just had to know the outcome before I went to sleep. New Adult stories might not be for everyone but I truly believe that if you read The Score you won’t be disappointed.


Allie just broke up with her boyfriend of three years and he isn’t taking it well. Sure they have broken up a few times in the past but they always got back together but this time Allie is really done. When her ex texts her that he is stopping by to talk, Allie knows she can’t let that happen or she will take him back, so she calls her best friend who offers up her boyfriend’s room for the weekend since they will be out of town. It’s a good plan until she comes face to face with Dean who looks like he’s getting ready to participate in a threesome. Allie knows Dean is only out for a good time but as the night progresses and the drinks start to flow she wonders if this will be the best or the worst mistake of her life.


After one drunken night with Allie, Dean can’t get her off his mind. While she says there will not be a repeat performance “little Dean” isn’t getting the memo and only gets hard around her which is frustrating him to no end. Easy hookups? Bye-bye. Now Dean is out to convince Allie to have a little fun, but there are a few problems standing in the way. Allie is a nester and, well, Dean’s last relationship in high school didn’t end well so he tells everyone up front what the score is. Allie knows what she is getting into but the problem is that Dean doesn’t realize that the more time he spends with her the harder he will fall.


Hands down I just loved this book and I can’t stress that enough. I loved the whole player turned one woman man scenario and Elle Kennedy did it so well. At first I was like I don’t know if I am going to like Dean because he seems like a cocky asshole but as the story went on I couldn’t help but gush over him. He wasn’t the type for flowers, hearts and sweet kisses but I’ll be damned if he didn’t do some of the sweetest and unexpected things at times. The change in Dean just after a few pages of his pursuit of Allie was unexpected but remarkable.


Both these characters had multiple strengths and weakness and the way Kennedy had them play off one another was just perfect. Their interactions are funny and nearly had me in tears from laughing so much. There is a twilight reference between Dean and one of his friends that had me DYING!! And a bathroom scene with a dildo that had me chuckling so hard I had tears streaming down my face it was that funny. While this story had great humor it also had a lot of steamy scenes. When these two have their first night together I have to say I was pretty bummed with the lack of details but Kennedy made up for it in the long run with little flashbacks. Trust me, when reading, have a cold glass of ice water next to you because Allie and Dean are scorching HOT!


Not only is this my first book in the Off- Campus series but also by Kennedy and I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing the changes in Dean throughout the entire book and the growth his character showed. After reading The Score I will be going back to start from the very beginning and I am already looking forward to more books in the future. If you are looking for humor, heart, sexy and something that will have you up all night I am highly recommending everyone to read this one!

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