SECRET SISTERS by Jayne Ann Krentz

SECRET SISTERS by Jayne Ann Krentz

SECRET SISTERS by Jayne Ann KrentzSecret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Madeline Chase recently lost her grandmother—the woman who raised her after her parents died when she was young.  Now Madeline is in charge of a hotel chain, and she is going to have to face the place that she and her grandmother fled eighteen years ago after an unspeakable night of horror for Madeline and everyone else.  Madeline had to turn her back on many things, most of which she didn’t mind, but one of those things was her best friend, Daphne, the person who she made a pact with as her secret sister.


John Rayner, but known as Jack, is the head of the security firm for the hotels that Madeline now owns and runs.  This is his second security firm as his first one went under when his partner died.  With a background as a profiler, which was beginning to change him, Jack left that behind and started his own business.  Right now, Madeline’s company is his biggest client, which could be a serious conflict of interest based on the attraction he has towards her.  Jack is not happy when Madeline says she is going alone to a property on an island that she hasn’t seen in eighteen years and that only the old caretaker is at.


Madeline returns to Aurora Point Hotel only to find her old friend and the caretaker dying from an obvious attack and to hear his attacker is still in the hotel building.  Not knowing where else to turn, Madeline brings in the police and calls for Jack to join her.  As Jack and Madeline begin to put the pieces together of what happened, it leads them to that horrible night when Madeline was attacked. The only good thing is that Daphne and Madeline are brought back together.  As Jack, Madeline, Daphne, and Jack’s brother, Abe, begin to put the pieces together, the answers bring danger closer than ever.  Also during this time, romance is in the air as Jack and Madeline have finally given in to their attraction.  But first, they must determine final answers on who killed whom and, more importantly, why, along with just how it’s all entwined with the night Madeline was attacked.  The final answers will tear a family and a community apart and, just when you think it’s finally over, more wrinkles appear before Jack and Madeline can plan for their future together.


A woman facing a past terror and a man who wants to protect and love her will uncover a deadly secret while falling in love in Secret Sisters.  I’m not sure where to start, but to say that Ms. Krentz produced a book that I could not put down. The story also sucked me in from the first page until the very last one.  Madeline and Daphne lost a huge part of their childhood way too early and now they would once again find their old friendship as the answers became clear on long ago acts, which have turned deadly once again.  Jack and Madeline’s romance was mixed with thick suspense and deadly danger and yet, it drew me in with their bantering back and forth.  After I learned about just why Jack had to start over twice, I was shown just how strong of a man he really was and that he was the perfect person to complement Madeline’s personality.


I have always enjoyed the romantic suspense from Ms. Krentz, yet with Secret Sisters, I found even more than I expected.  I found that the plot and writing had something extra which made the book and characters richer to me.  The ending grabbed me as again, it was also unexpected and answered each and every question by the time it was over.  Secret Sisters is a must-read for anyone who enjoys romantic suspense.  It is well written and well worth the time to read and enjoy.  It is also Joyfully Recommended by me.  My only advice is, don’t start it when you will only have a short time to read.

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