SEVEN YEARS TO SIN by Sylvia DaySeven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day
Genres: Historical
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Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

Reviewed by Miranda


Lady Jessica Sheffield has been in mourning for a year and she’s finally ready to move on with her life. Her marriage resulted from an arrangement but she was happy. Jessica may not have felt passionate sparks for her husband like the ones she felt the night she spied Alistair Caulfield in a compromising position with another but she was content. Jessica’s husband left her the place she loved the most and now she is going to return there. 

Alistair Caulfield is no stranger to illicit affairs but there is only one woman that lights a fire within and she’s finally available. Alistair is determined to not let Jessica get away from him this time. As a favor to his friend Michael, Lady Jessica’s brother-in-law, he agrees to accompany her to the island estate left to her. Alistair plans to use his time with Jessica wisely. Weeks aboard a ship should give him the time he needs. Seven years of fantasies and burning desire are about to turn up the heat. Let the seduction begin…

Sylvia Day’s Seven Years to Sin is fervent, fantastic, out of this world great! Ms. Day’s pen is blessed with the irresistible ability to seduce the reader along with her characters. Jessica and Alistair have the kind of passion that if you get to close you may get burned. I found myself immediately enthralled by the explosive sexy sparks that these two throw off. Their trip across the sea is one sinfully sexy boat ride. I just loved the locations the reader is taken to in Seven Years to Sin. The stunning visuals Ms. Day provides are exotic and bring the sexual tension to new heightened levels. 

I am in love with this couple! Not only do Jessica and Alistair float my boat but the excellent subplot that Ms. Day gives us involving Jessica’s sister and her brother-in-law, Michael is outstanding as well. It is so easy to fall in love with Jessica’s sister, Hester. A once bubbly outgoing girl becomes timid and fearful after her husband proves as abusive as her father. Michael who has always been in love with Hester has waited patiently; never marrying in hopes he could one day have the woman he desires. Their story is a beautiful one and I would love to read more about them. 

Prepare to be seduced for Seven Years to Sin is riddled with sensuous cravings, a fiery couple and the kind of unforgettable love that will leave you with sweet dreams. Ms. Day is quickly becoming my go-to for historical romance. Ms. Day’s ability to smoothly cross genre lines and create magical romances in every genre she pursues is what I call beautiful talent.

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