SHADOW’S END by Thea Harrison

SHADOW’S END by Thea Harrison

SHADOW’S END by Thea HarrisonShadow's Fall by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder's Race #9
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Beluviel was the consort for the Elven High Lord for more years that most can remember.  Now, with is death after a horrible attack on the Elven home, Beluviel is trying to help give her people some form of comfort and normalcy.  You would think that after so many years, Beluviel would be in deep morning for her consort, however, things were not as they seemed with the couple who ruled.  What Beluviel does grieve, and has for many years, was the relationship and attraction that never had a chance to grow and deepen.


Graydon has been a Wyr Sentinel for many, many years and just recently he became the First Sentinel. Graydon has always enjoyed doing his job and protecting the Wyr and others who needed it.  But the one thing that Graydon has missed is the woman who might have been so much more than a lover and who he had to walk away from two hundred years ago.  It always hurt watching other Wyrs with mates knowing he has to stay away from the one woman who wants to forget everything when she was around—Beluviel.


It all began two hundred years ago when Beluviel and Graydon raced to try and help someone from making a huge mistake.  Along the way, their attraction bloomed into passion and Beluviel and Graydon thought to make plans together.  Love might have been in the air, but it never had a chance as Djinn Malphas held a card neither Beluviel nor Graydon could quash, and they had to separate.  Now, time has come to play hardball with Malphas before he can play that trump card and ruin many, many lives for both those of the Elder Races and human world.  Graydon has waited for his chance to end Malphas’ hold and have the chance with Beluviel that was denied them.  They both know it’s going to be risky and deadly dangerous, even with a plan and so many powerful friends to help.  The plan is set and the players are in position; the night is about to explode and the question is just who will win this final high stakes game and who won’t?


The Wyr and Elven have had a feud forever, or should I say some of the Elven have had a feud with Dragos. Now that two lovers have found each other again, the relationship is about to go under a drastic change.  Beluviel and Graydon gave up so much to save someone, and now they will fight not only for that same person, but also for themselves in Shadow’s End.  I knew even before I read this story that Graydon and Beluviel had some type of history, but I didn’t even guess what it was or what had happened.  My respect for Graydon grew as I realized just what he had lost that day many years ago, and how he quietly and stealthily worked to get it back.  I only knew about Beluviel by the little she was in the books as the Elven consort.  Learning about why she put up with her life for so long told me that this was one strong and formidable woman.  I really loved watching as Beluviel and Graydon worked together, both originally and now, to end the hold that Malphas had on them and others.  The final battle was all I could have hoped for, and yet it was so bittersweet by the time it was over.  However, I have to say that the joy and love between Garydon and Beluviel turned that bittersweet feeling into a sigh of fulfillment by the time I turned the final page.


Shadow’s End is crammed packed with emotion, both good and bad.  It also gave Graydon the mate that I was hoping for him—yes I freely admit that Graydon is one of my favorite Sentinels.  The Elder Races have truly been changed with this book, and I for one can’t wait to see just how these changes unroll as the series goes on.  There is so much that I just want to shout out and chat about, but since I can’t, I just have to say that Shadow’s End is a major Recommended Read.  Not only will you not want to miss Graydon and Beluviel’s journey to mating, but you will also want to see the other things that will affect this world forever.

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