SIMPLY FORBIDDEN by Kate PearceSimply Forbidden by Kate Pearce
Series: House of Pleasure #6
Genres: Erotica
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

Reviewed by Shayna

Your most scorching desires come blissfully true at Madame Helene's Pleasure House--an elite brothel in Regency England where passion has no limits. . .Nothing's More Satisfying Than. . .With an unconventional upbringing and a reputation as a shameless flirt, Lisette Delornay-Ross is not your typical young lady of the ton. Unlike her peers, she is not afraid to follow her desires. And what she desires is Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield. . .Fulfilling Forbidden Passions. . .Returned to England after his harrowing ordeal as a war prisoner, Gabriel has shunned society. When Lisette brazenly confronts him, he feels an overwhelming stirring of lust. He's sure she would never entertain the illicit desires he indulges at Madame Helene's. But when he kisses her, he discovers her thirst for pleasure--and adventure--matches his. . .Praise for Kate Pearce's Simply Sexual<P


At Madame Helene’s House of Pleasure, nothing is forbidden.  In the social world of London’ston, almost everything is, provided you’re an unmarried woman.  Lisette Delornay-Ross is both part and apart of both societies.  She’s the daughter of the infamous Madame Helene, and, when she was younger, acted out by enjoying the world of the pleasure house.  However, now that her younger, “legitimate” half-sister is coming out into society, Lisette is attempting to be the model of propriety.  Neither total abandon nor formidable strictures suit her, so Lisette lives a sort of half-life…until she meets Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield.

Gabriel’s upbringing has also been atypical, but unlike Lisette, the result of his past is that he has a very conventional view on women and marriage.  The problem is, Gabriel’s desires don’t fit his definition of “ordinary” and the fiery Lisette only heightens his illicit cravings.  One kiss, one taste, one touch is all it takes for Gabriel to question the path he has chosen to take.  But in trying to give Lisette what he thinks she wants, will he ruin their chance at a love, while unconventional, could make them both happier than they have ever been?

Get ready for the first truly spectacular book of 2011!  Simply Forbidden dazzles with its rich characterization, sexy-as-sin eroticism, and beautiful romance.

Lisette charmed me from the first in her parents’ story, Simply Shameless, and I’ve been looking forward ever since to her romance.  She’s an extraordinary heroine, filled with life, intelligence, and kindness, but there’s hidden vulnerabilities in her that she doesn’t always recognize.  She grew up in a French convent and wasn’t aware of her mother’s business until she was a teenager.  She also had no idea who her father was until that time.  Though she now has her family all together, Lisette has never trusted anyone not to abandon her, save her twin, Christian, and he has pulled away from her as well.  Lisette tugged at my heartstrings and I could see why she felt alone in a crowd.  Gabriel’s history also has left him with abandonment issues and the two are well-matched in that regard.  They strengthen each other, help one another learn to trust, to take a chance and open their heart.  Both Lisette and Gabriel make plenty of mistakes as they fall in love, but they learn and grow from them, their relationship coming out stronger because of it.

Simply Forbidden is the sixth book in Kate Pearce’s House of Pleasure series but it can be read as a standalone.  Fans of the series will rejoice that many of the characters from the previous books (Simply SexualSimply SinfulSimply ShamelessSimply Wicked, andSimply Insatiable) are at least mentioned, and as one might expect, Lisette’s parents play strong supporting roles in Simply Forbidden.  It delighted me that Ms. Pearce weaved in cameos or passing mentions of prior protagonists I’ve come to love while seamlessly adding in new characters to capture the heart.  She does this all while never taking the focus off of Lisette and Gabriel for a moment.  There is only one problem I had with Simply Forbidden, and it’s a problem of a greedy reader: I want more!  More House of Pleasure books and more of the Delornay-Ross family, in particular a certain sensual blond.  I’ve been dying for Christian’s story and with Simply Forbidden Ms. Pearce only left me with more questions about Lisette’s enigmatic twin.

Ms. Pearce packs heat and heart into all of her books in the most wonderful way, which is why so many of her novels land on my “favorites” shelf.  Simply Forbidden will be on said shelf as soon as I can stop re-reading it.  I Joyfully Recommend Simply Forbidden – it’s simply fantastic!

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