SINNER’S GIN by Rhys Ford

SINNER’S GIN by Rhys Ford

SINNER’S GIN by Rhys FordSinner's Gin by Rhys Ford
Series: Sinners #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The band mates of Sinner’s Gin were riding high from their sell-out worldwide tour and their spectacular night at the Grammy Awards.  Leaving the ceremony the four young men were on top of the world, right up to the point where their car was struck by another driver.  Only one survived.  Lead singer Mieko ‘Miki’ St. John took his battered, broken body home to San Francisco where he holed up in his warehouse condo.  There Miki hid from everyone as his body tried to mend and his soul withered to dust.


SFPD Inspector Kane Morgan rents space in a local warehouse to relax in his downtime by creating beautiful woodwork pieces.  On this particular day off Kane’s deep into his zone when another tenant’s dog steals an expensive piece of wood from his stash.  Confronting his neighbor Kane is intrigued by the seriously sexy stranger.   And the conversation becomes extremely awkward when the Inspector makes a gruesome discovery – there’s a dead guy sitting in his neighbor’s GTO.


As the investigation gets underway Kane and his reclusive neighbor begin to grow closer.  They have nothing in common except a rising body count of people that once upon a time tormented Miki and a passionate chemistry.  Very quickly Kane is ready to protect the damaged singer from the world at large.  As for Miki, he’s not quite sure how Kane got under his skin, but he did, like a tick, a hot erotic tick.  Someone else, however has entirely different ideas for the singer and neither Kane nor Miki will like the killer’s plans.


Hold onto your seat.  Sinner’s Gin is an original, character driven emotional tsunami with a murderous psychopath for extra kicks.  The powerhouse dramatic storyline features incredibly poignant characters who will absolutely grab the reader’s heart.  Secondary characters such as the Morgan clan are equally important to the story.  Miki and Kane’s decidedly uncomfortable beginning highlights their unusual courtship, which further enriches Sinner’s Gin.  These characters challenge and love each other at every turn of the page.  I must Joyfully recommend Sinner’s Gin.  This one will be read again and again.

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