SIREN’S CALL by Jayne Castle

SIREN’S CALL by Jayne Castle

SIREN’S CALL by Jayne CastleSiren's Call by Jayne Castle
Series: Harmony #16
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Jove


Ella Morgan is a powerful talent, but it’s one she keeps very secret, and only her family knows just what her talent really is. Ella now uses her talent in a much lower concentration as a dream counselor. Once again, it’s wedding season and Ella’s calendar is full as she is the bridesmaid of choice by her friends at their weddings.  Ella would love to register with a match making agency, but knowing she will have to lie about her talent has Ella accepting that she will never be the bride.  After all, just who would willingly marry a full blown siren?


Rafe Coppersmith is also a powerful talent, one that is very useful to his powerful family.  He can find and figure out how to make alien objects work because he understands hot crystal and quartz and most of the alien artifacts are made out of quartz and crystal.  Because Rafe doesn’t really fit into the family business, he also freelances for the FBPI and the Guild task force when needed.  It was one of those jobs that brought Rafe into contact with Ella.


Ella was helping a distressed dust bunny when she met Rafe, and then he just disappeared out of her life for months.  However, the dust bunny became hers and helped Ella move her business into the bigtime.  Now Rafe is back, and he wants Ella to come to Rainshadow Island to help with a contact that his family has there.  Rafe figured out what Ella was when they first met, and it only intrigued him, but circumstances kept him away.  However, Rafe is more than willing to take up where he left if only Ella will agree.  Ella agrees to help Rafe with his mission, but she has no intention of letting him into her heart.  Danger meets Rafe and Ella as soon as they step onto the island, and it only gets stranger as they get going.  Now, not only are they dealing with the danger created by the ancient aliens, but they are dealing with a fringe group—one that isn’t quite what it appears. Rafe and Ella have fallen deeply in love, but there will be no happy ever after for them until they defeat both of the dangers facing them.


A frantic dust bunny unintentionally brings two strong talents together and helps them find a lasting love in Siren’s Call.  I loved how Ella took on a distressed dust bunny and that move seemed to be the first action that triggered all the others and eventually brought Ella her dream wedding to Rafe.  Although, I have to say their path to the wedding was both suspenseful and passionate, with lots of humor tossed in.  Just what the mission was that brought Rafe back into Ella’s life I won’t say, but you will love it.  I really enjoyed watching as Ella fought with all she was worth against the passion until I almost started to wonder if Rafe would get the girl along with capturing all the bad guys and uncovering the real reason for the fringe group.  I will say that the eventual wedding that Ella and Rafe had was the event of the season overall that Ella had ever appeared in and even the dust bunnies who were invited and showed up also had a grand time.


For those of us who have fallen under the spell of Harmony and all of its inhabitants and especially those adorable dust bunnies (until you see both their sets of eyes) Siren’s Call is a must read.  I also have loved just how the Rainshadow Island arc is rolling out and all that we are learning about this mysterious world and the aliens who once lived on it.  Once again, Ms. Castle (Ms. Krentz) has created a story that you will love to just get lost in.  I know I did.  For all of these reasons, I have made this a Joyfully Recommended Read.

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