SMOKING HOT by Karen Kelley

SMOKING HOT by Karen Kelley

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SMOKING HOT by Karen KelleyPublished by Sourcebooks Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
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To Raine McCandless family means everything, so when her grandfather needed her help Raine quit her job, and moved home to the family ranch.  Now Raine is a deputy at the same sheriff’s office where her father was once the sheriff.  There are some good points and bad points for being back where she grew up, but Raine is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep the ranch running and to do a job that she fully believes in.

Dillon Taylor is a nephilim, a child born from the union of a human and an angel.  His primary job so far has been to track down the demons that show up on the human surface and to send them back where they belong.  But Dillion has been in a rut for awhile and he decided to answer the many prayers of an old man who was driving him crazy with constant prayers.   Little did Dillion know that answering an old man’s greatest wish would bring him heartache. 

Raine can’t believe her eyes and ears when she finds out that the sexy intruder she located in her home is someone that only she and her grandfather can see.  But when Dillion warns Raine that a robbery will happen and that begins a journey that will change both Raine and Dillion’s fates.  Mishaps, misinformation and misdirection are just a few words that describe the chaos of Raine’s next week.  Dillion realizes that he has hurt Raine more than helped and now he is trying to fix things at the same time that Raine is wondering if she really is going crazy falling for a man who isn’t even human.  The investigation on just who the robbers are is filled with danger, humor, and most important love found.  By the time the dust settles is there any path that will allow Raine and Dillion to be together?

Take one sexy immortal and one determined deputy, stir in a grandfather’s wishes and sprinkle with a mixed up crime and passion and you have the perfect plot of Smoking Hot.  Man oh man, was this book ever titled correctly.  I could feel the heat from the minute that Raine and Dillion met.  I will tell you that I fell for Raine and Dillion from the start and began my cheer for them to find not only the answers to get Raine’s fate back in order but also a way for them to live in the love they found together.  I also fell for Raine’s grandfather, after all how can you not fall for a spunky old guy who still believes in the answering of prayers.  The suspense of just who was behind the robbery was the perfect counterbalance of the passion that flared between Raine and Dillion.  I also loved how there was just the perfect amount of humor about the mishaps that seemed to plague Raine and Dillion.  Smoking Hot is equal parts erotic passion and suspense with just the right touch of humor that makes it a Joyfully Recommended Read for me.  Not only is Smoking Hot on my keeper shelf, but I will be putting it on my ereader so that I can always have it at hand.  

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