SOLD TO THE ENEMY by Sarah Morgan

SOLD TO THE ENEMY by Sarah Morgan

SOLD TO THE ENEMY by Sarah MorganSold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Vanessa

Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but he's the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a new life for herself, Selene apprehensively turns to Stefan for help.Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers. Seduced, bedded and betrayed in a matter of days, Selene realizes it's not always better the devil you know. She's sold her soul—and her heart—to the enemy!


Selene Antaxos is tired of feeling trapped and being forced to answer to someone else about everything.  She seeks to make her own way in the world and take her beaten down mother with her.  Selene devises a plan where she will start up her own business.  However, she needs the help of a man that isn’t afraid of her father, a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Stefanos “Stefan” Ziakas, her father’s enemy, fits that mold!  Stefanos was nice to Selene five years ago when she was a gangly, ugly, shy teenager that many seemed to ignore, and so she trusts that he will be there to assist her as he had promised all those years ago.  He is a self-described playboy who only looks out for himself and gaining more power by any means necessary.  When Selene drops into his lap unannounced, Stefan sees an opportunity to gain against his rival.  Will he betray Selene after taking what she so willingly offers, or will he have a change of heart?

Sold to the Enemy was so much more than what I thought it would be.  I thoroughly enjoyed Stefan and Selene’s story.  They were both guilty of various things at different points in Sold to the Enemy, but were strong enough to confront their issues, too.  There was great chemistry between Stefan and Selene, witty dialogue, and beautifully crafted rescue scenes that kept me glued to Sold to the Enemy!  Seriously, who doesn’t like a strong heroine who doesn’t fold at the touch of a hand from the hero?

Selene is able to look beyond the surface of what so many people project in Sold to the Enemy, while Stefan keeps himself safe by maintaining a surface façade and never delving deeper below.  Selene trusted Stefan while he felt he was untrustworthy, as though Stefan didn’t really know what he was made of in Sold to the Enemy.  Because of his belief and holding back, he never tested his deeper character, but Selene’s experiences prove that Stefan could rise to the occasion in Sold to the Enemy.

I liked that Stefan and Selene seemed like two halves of a whole in Sold to the Enemy.  The juxtaposition of the protagonists in Sold to the Enemy showed the complimentary aspects of them.  Sold to the Enemy also revealed that an individual could be made or broken by a situation, and both Stefan and Selene showed that they were made!  I was cheering for the fact that Selene was NOT ruled by her libido like so many other heroines are in these stories.  I Joyfully Recommend Sold to the Enemy for a very romantic read in February, 2013! 

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