SPELLBOUND by Tessa Adams

SPELLBOUND by Tessa Adams

SPELLBOUND by Tessa AdamsSoulbound by Tessa Adams
Series: The Lone Star Witch #1
Genres: Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Penguin

Reviewed by Jo

As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter—and a member of Ipswitch’s Royal family—Xandra Morgan should be a witch of incredible power. But things don’t always turn out like you expect… While she hasn’t lived up to her family’s expectations, Xandra has come to terms with her latent magic and made a life for herself in Austin, Texas, running a coffee shop where she makes potions of a non-magical nature. While things aren’t perfect, Xandra is happy—until she runs into powerful warlock Declan Chumomisto. Xandra hasn’t seen Declan in years, and though she’s still overwhelmed by his power, she doesn’t trust him. And when her own powers awaken one night and lead her to the body of a woman in the woods bearing the symbol of Isis—the same one that has marked Xandra since the day she met Declan—she’s filled with a terrible suspicion, soon confirmed: the woman is connected to him. Xandra doesn’t want to believe that Declan is capable of murder, but as the body count mounts, and Xandra’s own powers spiral out of control, she’s not sure she can trust her own instincts…


Life has never been easy for Xandra Morgan; first off she was born with huge expectations only to have them never fulfilled.  As the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and even blessed by the goddess herself, Xandra knew from the first time she could remember that her family expected her to surpass all of them.  So what was she to do when even the most basic magic was beyond her? Xandra accepted her lot in life and turned her back on that part of her life. Now the owner of the successful coffee shop and bakery, Xandra is at least happy with her new life.  But Xandra’s magic is finally showing itself and it’s not a happy thing, it seems that death and danger are her gifts so far…

Declan Chumomisto is a powerful warlock who always knew that his future or lack of it would depend on Xandra.  Declan has never paid attention to the rules nor let them determine how he lived his life.  He even flaunts his magic and all but announces that witches and warlocks exist around the world by performing his own illusion show and is world renowned for his amazing feats.  Declan has always kept an eye on Xandra since she left and set up in Austin and now is the time for him to approach her again while he is in Austin for a show.  Declan can fill something strange is happening to Xandra and her magic and he knows it’s time for them to meet again and this time face what the circumstances of her birth mean to their lives.

Xandra is less than happy about Declan appearing again just as her life seems to be turning dark and what is going on with her previously nonexistent magic suddenly acting up?  Marks are showing up on Xandra, magical tattoos, just as Xandra is finding murdered women.  No one is thinking Xandra is behind the murders but there is evidence proving that someone who knows her background is behind them.  Xandra isn’t sure where to turn as her mother is still determined to find the key to unlock her magic (if she only knew), her brother is trying to help by trying to shelter her and her attraction to Declan is growing deeper and so hard to ignore.  As the danger comes closer, Xandra finally knows that it’s going to be her magic that will either be able to find the killer or it will be her magic that will end her future.  Xandra and Declan have to overcome their pasts and find a way to combine their powers to defeat a murderer and finally discover just what happened so many years ago to bring them together.

A stormy night, a magical birth and a hidden binding has finally brought two powerful people together only for them to find and hold on to a love that shouldn’t be.  Xandra and Declan discover passion and answers to long held mysteries in Soulbound.  I loved how Xandra had decided to live her life as she wanted, even if it meant turning her back on family and the magical world’s expectations for her, with spunk and humor.  Declan had me as he decided to live his life as he wanted and basically giving the bird to the Council’s rules.  I loved watching the important moments of Xandra’s life and how Declan wondered in and out of it until their last meeting in Austin.  Seeing as Xandra and Declan at first fought against the pull towards each other and then giving in to it kept me wondering what would happen next for them.  The suspense that surrounded them also kept me quickly turning the pages because I just knew the final answers would be hard hitting and boy were they.  I was outraged to learn just what had been done to Declan and Xandra and now I can’t wait to see how they prove nothing will keep them down and watch as they kick a little magical booty. 

Soulbound has lots of wonderful dark suspense, erotic passion, lighthearted humor and magic that can make you gasp all bound together in a way that makes it a page-turner.  Joyfully Recommending Soulbound as a must read for lovers of urban fantasy and magic was a no brainer for me.  I already want to re-read this book to see if there were any little clues or bits that I might have missed the first time, besides it will hold me over until the next book appears.

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