STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton
Stroke Rate
by L. M. Somerton

Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
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University student Benedict Astor splits his time equally between his life at the nearby campus studying literature and enjoying his passion for rowing at the Okeanos Rowing Club.  Ben has negotiated free use of the boats after hours and a small flat above the boathouse in exchange for taking care of the boats for club members and keeping the place tidy.  Needless to say he doesn’t have any time at all for sex. Only at night in his bed can he daydream, thinking about the gorgeous Lord Thorne of Keering, Olympic medal winner, Lucien Thorne.


The one blight on his life is Sebastian Cooke, president of the club and his boss.  As usual Seb has been a total ass and offered Ben’s services for 24 hours at their yearly Promises auction.  Believing no one will bid on him Ben thinks a mistake has been made when he hears that someone has spent thousands for his time.  He’s to meet his mystery man at a prearranged spot.  Hopefully it’s not a joke. But who would spend that much on him?


A layered, sexual seduction develops into a lasting, consensual D/s relationship in Stroke Rate.  Excellent characterizations reveal human strengths and weaknesses as readers are drawn into Ben and Lucien’s story.  Between their evolving Dominant and submissive romance and several strong subplots lies a thoroughly captivating tale.  Stroke Rate is an absolutely irresistible page turner with deliciously hot sexual encounters between the lovers.  Lust and love go hand in hand with this tantalizing storyline.  I Joyfully recommend Stroke Rate.  You won’t want Stroke Rate to end.

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