SWEET REWARD by Christy Reece

SWEET REWARD by Christy Reece
Sweet Reward
by Christy Reece

Series: Last Chance Rescue #9
Published by Ballantine Books Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Reviewed by Miranda

WHEN RISK IS THE REWARD—LET THE DANGER BEGIN Adrenaline junkie Jared Livingston has found the perfect blend of exhilaration and danger in his new job at Last Chance Rescue. Raised to depend only on himself, Jared tried marriage, but the end of the relationship renewed his belief that he was meant to be a loner. Now a desperate plea from his ex-wife puts Jared in the unique position of using the skills she despised to rescue her missing daughter. The case brings Jared face-to-face with Mia Ryker, the only agent ever fired from LCR—for playing too far outside the box. Now Mia’s back, and as a team, they’re as compatible as fuel and fire—blowing off tension in each other’s arms, blowing open the secret life of a wealthy philanthropist and his shameful dealings. Their search for the innocent child takes them to places neither have been before—to the edge of danger and to the edge of their hearts.From the Paperback edition.

Jared Livingston likes living life on the edge. His job as an operative for Last Chance Rescue gives him the adrenaline rush that he needs. However, his recent case hits a little too close to home. His ex-wife’s baby is kidnapped and she calls on Jared for help. It seems babies are being nabbed from all over the world. Mostly taken from junkie mother’s but Jared’s ex doesn’t quite fit the profile for she is happily remarried and a successful doctor. 

Mia Ryker ex-Last Chance Rescue operative now runs her own rescue business in Chicago. When a drugged out mom comes to her for help she cannot refuse. Mia knows what it’s like to be at the hands of predators and she will do whatever it takes to get that baby back even work with the sexiest most stubborn man she’s ever met. 

Jared and Mia team up to bring down the man responsible for the kidnappings. Sparks fly as these two share barbs and close quarters. Jared doesn’t like it when Mia must go undercover for the mission but who is he to stop her? The feelings she evokes within him are confusing and it’s best to ignore them. However, when Mia and Jake take their sparring to a whole new level this adrenaline junkie has a big problem letting his woman put herself in harm’s way. Too bad he doesn’t have a choice. 

Christy Reece’s Sweet Reward is a passionate and vivacious thrill-ride! I really love this book! I feel like I’ve been on an epic journey after finishing it. The hero and heroine of Sweet Reward are really exquisite. Jared the sexy hero is really a block of ice at the beginning. He is so afraid to express or even feel emotion. Mia is almost an open book showing all of her emotions as they happen. Both have lived extremely different lives but their haunted pasts are driving them. Mia and Jared have each experienced great hurts in their lives but they strive to save others from hurt. Of course, Mia see’s what she’s doing as helping others where Jared see’s it more as satisfying his need for danger. 

Jared and Mia really balance each other out. I love how she doesn’t back down or behave the way Jared wants her to. Jared believes he can go through the rest of his life without developing any love strings but Mia is making that difficult. She really turns him inside out and I love it! My favorite part is their `I’m sorry’ conversation! I just loved it so much I totally fell head over heels for Jared then! Jared and Mia definitely do not have an easy-peasy relationship. These two will have to work for everything they get including bringing down the mastermind behind the kidnappings. The case is dangerous and really amps up the tension between Jared and Mia. I just loved seeing Jared become vulnerable and to watch as he slowly opens himself up to emotion. Sweet Reward is a superb dramatic feat with a harrowing and unforgettable finish.

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