Taken by a Vampire
by Joey W. Hill

Published by Penguin Genres: Erotic, Fantasy, Menage, Paranormal
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Reviewed by Talia Ricci

In her newest installment, a servant sentenced to death is sent into hiding and finds a passion she never expected in her new protector... Groomed from birth to be an Inherited Servant and serve only the most powerful vampire Masters, Alanna never resented her destiny. Then she did the unthinkable: she betrayed her Master to the Vampire Council. Now death is her future, but until her Master is captured, she must be protected. The Vampire Council assigns her to Evan, a vampire whose wandering lifestyle makes him the perfect guardian... Alanna’s training was for a vampire of power and ambition, not for someone like Evan who lives in mountainside shacks and caves. Even his servant, Niall, is rough mannered. But these two men are about to teach Alanna something her rigorous training never did: how to feel, how to desire...perhaps even how to love. Then the Council captures her Master, and Alanna has no choice but to accept her destiny. But Evan and Niall are no strangers to defying fate—and they will stop at nothing to make Alanna theirs forever...


Inherited Servant Alanna has been trained from birth to be the best servant a Master vampire would need.  It is what she has accepted about her life and it is the only life that she knows.  Vampire servants are submissive to their masters and Alanna is no different.  But, yet she is.  A Vampire Master is to be obeyed with unyielding loyalty and Alanna has committed the number one sin of a servant:  she has betrayed her Master to the Vampire Council.  Because of this betrayal, Alanna’s days are numbered and she knows and understands this death sentence.  Until her Master is found and executed, Alanna’s care and protection is given to Evan and his servant Niall. 

Evan and Niall have settled into their relationship and have been for centuries.  Alanna is afraid to upset their dynamics, but the more she tries to be indifferent, the more she craves each man.  It is with Evan and Niall that Alanna finally begins to understand the true meaning of submission and service.

Have no doubt, Taken by a Vampire, is probably the most well written of this entire series.  A long time fan of this prolific and amazing author, I soak up each and every new release as quickly as possible.  Taken by a Vampire, however, is made to be savored, word by word, breath by breath, and touch by erotic touch.  I highly and Joyfully recommend Taken by a Vampire.  It is brilliantly written and in true Joey W. Hill style, full of emotion and erotic submission. Definitely a keeper! 

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