TAKEN by Cynthia Eden

TAKEN by Cynthia Eden

TAKEN by Cynthia EdenTaken by Cynthia Eden
Series: L. O. S. T. #5
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon

The LOST series by Cynthia Eden was one of those series in the beginning that I wasn’t sure if I was going to read or not, but once I got started I was hooked and started looking forward to every single book just hoping the release dates wouldn’t be too far apart. Taken was a phenomenal addition to this series and I loved every moment of it.


Bailey Jones is a survivor of a serial killer who is known as the Death Angel. She was held captive and tortured for days when she hears the screams of another victim and tries to help only to be left for dead. After being found barely alive she informs authorities that the other victim got away, but they don’t believe her since there was no evidence supporting her claim. Now months later Bailey reaches out to LOST to see if they can find this mysterious woman and she is paired with new LOST agent Asher Young. Asher comes off as dangerous, but there is something about him that makes Bailey feel safe. The more that they look for this woman the closer they get but danger isn’t far behind them.


Ex-SEAL and LOST agent Asher Young might be fairly new to the team, but he is damn good at what he does. After meeting Bailey for the first time he knows there is something about her that calls to him and makes him want to protect her. But since she is a client and is still recovering from what the Death Angel did he knows he should be hands off, except that is getting harder and harder. Asher knows he can protect her and as things start occuring once they return to the site of where it all happened he believes that Bailey was telling the truth and just maybe the Death Angel has unfinished business with Bailey.


Taken gave me chills from the very first page, it was thrilling, heart pounding and had me double checking my locks. Bailey and Asher were such great characters. I loved how Ms. Eden had them bond over their abductions. Bailey from the start was a good person not only because she wanted to find this missing woman but she has been saving her money just to hire LOST for the job. Asher’s past was a bit on the dark side but I couldn’t get enough of him and the protectiveness he showed with Bailey.


I loved the whole serial killer idea that shapes this series and thought Ms. Eden put a very real spin on this story. I found the suspense build up was worth the wait and couldn’t wait to find out who the Death Angel really was. The romance was just on the okay side but I really found myself focusing more on the mystery and letting romance take the back seat, don’t get me wrong Bailey and Asher did have some hot scenes but I just wasn’t that focused on them.  The one issue I did have was the overuse of the word “lovers”, it was just mentioned so many times when it didn’t need to be. I understood that’s what they were or what they were going to end up being to one another but I did like how their relationship really started to become more to both of them.
After finishing Taken, I had trouble finding a next book to begin because all I could think about was how wonderfully written and invested I became in this story. For those who love a good romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very end you won’t want to miss Taken.


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