TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina Heart

TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina Heart

TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina HeartTeacher Plus Two by Valentina Heart
Genres: Gay, Menage, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

In a technologically advanced universe where humans are classed according to their sexual expertise, Orrin, a man approaching revered Teacher status, is kidnapped and forced to educate slaves in the pleasures of the flesh. Before he can attempt to teach his first student, he has to save the life of Fai, a purring Mattian. Orrin just manages to nurse his little lion back to health when their cell gains another occupant: Hara, an exotic and experienced slave who was sold by his old master. Despite their difficult circumstances and knowing they will eventually be separated, the three men form an steadfast bond. Soon Hara finds himself with a colorful new Master across the universe while Orrin and Fai remain behind at the slave traders' base. With their problems only building daily, can they find a way back to each other or will they succumb to the trials they face?


Once a planet of war and misery, the people of Earth thankfully evolved into a peaceful society with various stages of enlightenment along the way. The young are classified as Innocents who grow into blue eyed Adults. Those that choose the final stage become purple eyed Teachers who are sexually superior, have greater understanding of the human psyche, and other character defining qualities. They also become immortal.

Nearing the final stage though not quite a Teacher, Orrin is minding his own business one evening when he is kidnapped. Waking aboard a transport ship in space is bad enough but when Orrin is told that he is expected to teach the other kidnapped beings how to be good sexual slaves he is horrified. It is a few days of beatings and torture that make Orrin reluctantly agree though he has every intention of escaping as soon as possible.

As the ship journeys towards its destination Orrin makes a lasting connection with first one slave and then another, each unique beings from far flung planets. Teaching slaves to accept nothing less than rape however is slowly tearing Orrin apart. The only thing keeping him from succumbing to madness are Fai and Hara. But love won’t keep Orrin going on much longer. Somehow they must all escape this nightmare.

Out of this world intense and passionate! Teacher Plus Two handles a variety of emotional entanglements with crushing realism and undeniable heart. There’s no question that Teacher Plus Two is a unique, challenging tale of love in its purest form. The characters aren’t stereotypical, especially the `bad’ guy, as well as another. I don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say Teacher Plus Two pulls every heart string, equally and hard. I Joyfully recommend Teacher Plus Two. It’s a totally original romance written somewhere in the stars.

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