TEXAS BRIDE by Joan Johnston

TEXAS BRIDE by Joan Johnston

TEXAS BRIDE by Joan Johnston
Texas Bride
by Joan Johnston

Series: Mail Order Brides #1
Published by Pocket Genres: Historical, Western
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

HE MAY BE HER ONLY HOPE. SHE MAY BE HIS LAST CHANCE.   Miranda Wentworth never imagined becoming a mail-order bride. Now marriage to a stranger is her only hope of finding a home where she and her two younger brothers can escape the brutality of the Chicago orphanage where they live. With any luck, she can even start a family of her own, once the three of them are settled at Jacob Creed's Texas ranch. But Miranda has one gigantic concern: Her husband-to-be knows nothing about the brothers she's bringing along. What if he calls off the deal when he discovers the trick she's played on him? Jake Creed is hanging on to his Texas ranch by his fingernails. His nemesis, Alexander Blackthorne, is determined to ruin him. Jake will never give up, but he's in desperate trouble. His wife died six months ago in childbirth, along with their stillborn son, and his two-year-old daughter needs a mother. The advertisement Jake wrote never mentioned his daughter--or the fact that he has no intention of consummating his marriage. He's determined never to subject another wife to the burden of pregnancy. But Jake doesn't count on finding his bride so desirable. He doesn't count on aching with need when she joins him in bed. And he never suspected his bride would have plans of her own to seduce him.


Miranda Wentworth will do anything to protect her younger brothers from the rod of the mistress at the orphanage.  Since she has to leave the orphanage because she will be of age, she has no choice but to take her youngest siblings with her.  Fate had answered her dilemma in the guise of becoming a mail-order bride to a stranger in Texas.  However, Miranda wasn’t too sure that her groom-to-be would accept these young stowaways since she never mentioned them to him.  She comes up with a slick little plan and hopes it will play out well for her HEA. 

Jacob Creed is in need of a wife to help out at the ranch so that he doesn’t lose it his enemy.  He keeps mum about his “conditions” for his bride-to-be, and he fails to disclose that he already has a child.  He has his own goals in completing this quick marriage of convenience.  He certainly doesn’t think that he will desire his wife either!  However, Jacob soon finds that even his “conditions” may not be enough to hold off a woman intent on seduction!       

Texas Bride was a heart wrenching sweet tale of romance with just the right amount of realistic conditions added to jack up the angst.  I didn’t like the hardships that Miranda had to endure, but I felt that they were probably authentic to the time period in Texas Bride.  Jacob wasn’t one of those great billionaires either, but more a down-to-earth hard-working man that truly deserved his HEA in Texas Bride.  

The development of the secondary characters added more to the overall story, and answered some questions that were brought to life, since I read the series out of order.  However, I was still looking for resolution in their stories as well in Texas Bride.  Yet I can’t find fault with Jacob and Miranda’s love story in Texas Bride

I felt invested with Jacob and Miranda and cried at several points in Texas Bride.  I liked that Jacob learned to take a risk and that Miranda learned to trust Jacob in Texas Bride, as well. The dialogue was witty and entertaining at several points and engaged me in the lives of the various characters.  The fact that I could become involved in this historical western, which I don’t normally read, makes Texas Bride a Joyfully Recommended read!

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