The Best Kind of Trouble
by Lauren Dane

Series: The Hurley Boys #1
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

JoyfullyRecommendedNatalie Clayton was a bit reckless and wild while much younger, but she is now a college graduate, a librarian, and a respected member of her community.  This is something that Natalie has worked really hard to achieve and she isn’t about to let anything interfere with it.  So when she comes face to face with a man that is directly from her wild past while getting her morning latte, Natalie decides to ignore one infamous Paddy Hurley.


Patrick Hurley, more commonly known as Paddy, is a member of a world renowned rock band that he began with his brothers.  While the atmosphere that surrounds rock performers hasn’t been nice to any of the brothers, they all have dealt with the problems that almost destroyed them and right now they are relaxing while getting ready to work on a new album and begin a tour in their home town of Hood River.  Meeting someone he knows in his hometown isn’t uncommon but when that someone is a woman he was very intimate with way back when is.  Even more so is being blown off by her.


Paddy isn’t about to let Natalie get away with her “amnesia” of him or their time together and begins his campaign to get Natalie back into his life.  Natalie knows she is under seige by Paddy but for once in her life she can’t use her strong backbone to keep ignoring him and finds herself on dates with a rock star who won’t take no for an answer.  Both Paddy and Natalie have things in their pasts which make any relationship for them almost the hardest thing they could do, but on the other hand the attraction and passion between them isn’t something they can just let go of.  Their road on the way to becoming a couple isn’t easy and has many, many potholes and roadblocks, yet it seems that love is just as stubborn as Natalie and Paddy are.  The only thing that matters when the final curtain comes down and the lights are lowered is the love and trust that has built between them that will let them conquer all the obstacles trying to tear them apart – no matter how large they seem.


A past hot and heavy romance comes into the present when one hot rock star meets the sexy woman he never forgot in The Best King of Trouble.  I was entranced while watching as Paddy and Natalie overcame all hurtles in their way of a passion that just glows whether they are together or apart.  As I went on the journey with them, I saw pretty fast that the odds were against them based on various things in their individual pasts.  Yet I also watched and loved how hard they fought for each other and their love, heck they even had Paddy’s family behind them and what seemed like the majority of the town.  When I knew all would be okay with Paddy and Natalie, was when they both were able to say sorry and talk out the final fight and misunderstandings that might have been the final straw that would tear them apart.  The deep emotions, friendships and communication are just a few of the reasons I could not put The Best Kind of Trouble down.


Paddy and Natalie are a couple that I could almost see walking down the streets of my town, which tells you right there just how believable of a couple they are and just how down to earth their journey really was.  If you can’t tell yet, I am overwhelmingly Joyfully Recommending The Best Kind of Trouble as a must read and an instant keeper.  What an amazing start to a new series and a refreshing way to make a rock band the focus of it.  I now can’t wait until I can see how the next Hurley brother finds the woman who will become his forever love.

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