THE CAT’S MEOW by Stacey Kennedy

THE CAT’S MEOW by Stacey Kennedy

THE CAT’S MEOW by Stacey Kennedy
The Cat's Meow
by Stacey Kennedy

Series: Witch's Brew #1
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Urban Fantasy

Reviewed by Jo


Libby works for her coven as their Enchantress – that is a witch who can conjure spells as her gift from the Goddess.  It also means that whenever anything strange or bad happens in their area, Libby is sent out to find out what happened and track down who was behind it so they can be punished.  Right now she has a case where cats are being killed and something about it is strange.  However, Libby is going to find out who is behind it.  Now it seems she has been given some unexpected help from the coven, a mysterious and sexy warlock named Kale.

Kale might be a new ward for the coven but he knows exactly what his job is and he is certainly strong enough to keep Libby safe.  Kale also has his own reasons for being assigned to Libby. What Kale didn’t expect was to enjoy Libby’s sass as much as he did nor did he expect the immediate attraction that hit him hard when they met. 

Libby believes that the only reason Kale was assigned to “help” her is because the coven is looking for a reason to get rid of her because of her attitude.  Now she is determined to show Kale just how good she really is at her job and begins to pull out some spells she had been working on but hadn’t really tried much yet.  Kale is very impressed by Libby and he tries to tell her that he isn’t trying to judge her for the coven.  Libby still isn’t sure, especially since he won’t answer her questions about who he is and what he’s doing.  When their investigation proves that there is something much larger going on and it’s directed at one of the largest foundations of the magical community, Libby and Kale are going to need to find a way to trust each other and to accept the passion that has been growing between them.  All the events have led to one night and a major showdown; it’s a do or die situation for Libby, Kale and the entire magical community.  When the morning comes who will have won the night and have the many secrets Kale kept from Libby ended any chance they have at a future together?

Take one sassy and take charge witch and one sexy and fierce warlock, stir well and you have a passion that will rock the magic community for a good long while which was the formula forThe Cat’s Meow.  The instant distrust at the same time as the instant attraction told me right off, this was going to be an interesting book.  Libby and Kale’s personalities were the exact opposites and it seemed so was their magic.  I loved watching as Libby began with an aggressive offense against what she believed Kale was really doing as much as I felt sorry for Kale trying to prove he was a good guy and not out to do anything to her while not being able to answer her many questions.  As the danger became clearer, I could tell that Libby and Kale were becoming much closer even with the trust issue.  I also loved how Libby was being given a chance to become an even more powerful enchantress with Kale’s help.  The night of the final battle, many of the answers became clear, which was both good and bad for Libby and Kale’s relationship.  They might have won the battle but I was so afraid that Kale and Libby had lost their war, but the night wasn’t over yet and I discovered that Kale was the master of many things – including the passion between him and Libby.

The Cat’s Meow was fast paced and a mixture of sass filled comments, a building passion with explosive potential, and a magical suspense – all of which had me wondering what each new page would bring.  I ended up reading this in one sitting (sleep is so overrated) because I just couldn’t wait to see what new thing would be introduced to Libby and Kale.  I had to Joyfully Recommend The Cat’s Meow because of the fulfilling plot line and the fact that the entire book had me smiling and laughing even when I want to shake my head in disgust at something that was going on.  It is a great addition to any magic library – on the lighthearted side – yes, even with the intense suspense, I found.

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