THE CLOSER YOU COME by Gena Showalter

THE CLOSER YOU COME by Gena Showalter

THE CLOSER YOU COME by Gena ShowalterThe Closer You Come by Gena Showalter
Series: Original Heartbreakers #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by HQN Books


Jase Hollister is an ex-con determined to start a new life with his foster brothers in the small town of Strawberry Valley.  His new life doesn’t include a steady woman though. He is completely content to fill his bed with random women each night never getting serious.  However, there is something about the beautiful Brook Lynn Dillon that has Jase all tied up in knots.  Perhaps, part of the problem is her refusal to be just another one-night-stand to him.


Brook Lynn has always had a difficult life.   She was born with a hearing problem that caused her to need surgery and implants to control her hearing volume.  Since the death of their parents Brook Lynn has been holding down several jobs and managing her sister’s wild antics.  It is her sister’s drunken behavior that lands Brook Lynn in the path of the latest rich and powerful man to move to Strawberry Valley, Jase Hollister.


Powerful sexual chemistry draws Jase and Brook Lynn together leaving them no choice but to try to purge the fire between them with one night of passion.  They soon find that one night will never be enough but can they deal with the truths that are about to come out?


The Closer You Come is an A++ romance! I cannot get enough of Jase and Brook Lynn.  These two strike so many emotional chords it was impossible not to fall in love with them! Jase is suffering from a rough upbringing and horrific acts that happened to him behind bars.  His past is blocking his romantic progress.  He feels that he is a bad bet when it comes to women.  Brook Lynn is so busy taking care of others and barely making enough to scrape by she has little time to think about romantic entanglements.  However, the closer these two come to each other the more difficult it is to ignore the potent feelings between them.


I also love the relationship between Jase, West and Beck. They have strong bonds holding them together. It is obvious how much they each care for one another and are willing to do anything to make sure they all end up happy.  Their scenes range from hilarious to deeply emotional.  Ms. Showalter packs her Original Heartbreakers with all the right kinds of emotion.


I’m still thinking about the characters of The Closer You Come days after finishing the book. One thing I have always loved about Ms. Showalter’s writing is her character development.  Jase and Brook Lynn both grow by leaps and bounds in the pages of The Closer You Come.  I became so immersed in their story that I felt a part of it.  I had the rare experience of being able to laugh, smile, love and even cry with the characters as they discovered what life could really offer them.  Showalter’s first full length Original Heartbreakers novel The Closer You Come is a Joyfully Recommended Love Story that warms the heart and soul.

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