The Consequences of That Night
by Jennie Lucas

Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

An indecent indiscretion! Emma Hayes has gone from making hotel magnate Cesare Falconeri's bed to running his household, including handing out expensive parting gifts to his numerous conquests! But each time, it's chipped away at her heart. Until one night, inhibitions lowered, she reaches for what she's always wanted…. With one disastrous marriage behind him Cesare vows never to go there again. But when his indiscretion with Emma has consequences, Cesare must break his own vow—and say I do for the sake of his heir. Now he'll expect his new bride to share his bed, instead of making it!


Emma Hayes, in a quest to prove her stepmother wrong, has found herself as the personal housekeeper to hotel magnate Cesare Falconeri.  Not only does Emma take care of Cesare’s home, but she also handles the kiss-off for his women.  Working for Falconeri for the past seven years, Emma has dreamed big and fallen in love with her boss.  However, she never embarks on anything with him until that one fateful night when she is at her weakest.  Cesare has experienced “love” before in his life and doesn’t want any part of it.  The minute a woman makes noises in regards to that “four-lettered” word, it is the demise of their short time together.  Cesare feels something for his housekeeper, but won’t go there for fear of losing her. Yet the one night he reaches out to her in her time of need, is the night that he is thoroughly caught!  Now he expects Emma and their child to live with him on his terms, but Emma isn’t so sure she is willing to sacrifice all for the sake of her child.

The Consequences of That Night was an engaging, beautifully written story!  I truly adored the fact that Emma stood up to Cesare time and time again.  Cesare didn’t seem to know what hit him with Emma in The Consequences of That Night, but he was truly engaged in continuing to explore things.  Cesare would let Emma walk at times thinking that she was like all his other women, but she almost always proved him wrong in The Consequences of That Night.  I LOVED that he offered her payment to “forget their night”, and she accepted that payment and walked away.  Other innocent hs would have held on to their pride and left that behind.   

I don’t think Cesare really ever wanted to lose Emma, but he needed to be shoved off his easy road and start to break through his walls in The Consequences of That Night.  Because of Emma and what she attempted to do to him at the end, although not like he was thinking, Cesare finally wakes up.  No, Cesare isn’t a perfect person.  He makes mistakes, and he did things without thinking that hurt Emma, but she gives as good as she gets in The Consequences of That Night.

Emma came across as a very strong heroine in The Consequences of That Night, and Cesare wasn’t just waiting for her to come back in to his orbit before making his move.  That was a clincher for me as well, and pushed The Consequences of That Night to be a Joyfully Recommended book!  

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