THE LIGHTENING-STRUCK HEART by TJ KluneThe Lightening-Struck Heart by Tj Klune
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

There once was a young boy. His name was Sam Haversford and he lived with his parents in the slums in the City of Lockes.  They were poor but happy and loved each other very much.  While Sam’s parents worked he stayed quietly at home and never got into trouble.  Well, perhaps Sam got into a tiny bit of trouble.  Like the day he accidentally turned some wicked boys into stone and the King’s very own wizard, Morgan of Shadows arrived on the scene.


Days later Sam and his parents were installed in the castle where the awesome wizard began teaching his wonderful student wizard.  As the boy grew he impressed Morgan with his willingness to learn.  Um, perhaps.  So, Sam is sent into the Dark Woods to have an innocent little adventure.  When he returns he’s made enemies of some other wizards and friends with Gary, the hornless unicorn and Tiggy, the half-giant.


By the time Sam is a young man he’s made lots of friends and some very interesting enemies.  Years of secret yearnings for Knight Ryan Foxheart pretty much rounds out his life.  Sam’s even managed to earn the title of Sam of Wilds after his adventures in the Dark Woods.


His one problem is the blight in his life.  Sam will one day become wizard to Prince Justin and they dislike each other more than anyone can imagine.  With the announcement that Knight Ryan Foxheart will become Prince Justin’s consort Sam is quietly grinding his molars into his gums.  When a fearsome dragon attacks and takes the obnoxious prince it’s time to wear his big boy shorts and rescue Justin.  Seriously?


Absolutely classless, crass, and no sex until the very end.  Silly, childish, and totally addictive.  The Lightning-Struck Heart is one of a kind perfection.  An epic laugh out loud gem.  Charming or crude the characters are all memorable in their own way.  Unforgettable one liners never end.  Author T.J. Klune pens, crayons, or Sharpies a true shelf keeper tale.  I Joyfully recommend The Lightning-Struck Heart for the delight of Sam and company.  Unkind reviewers will forever fear having to poop in a bucket…

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