THE MAGNATE’S MANIFESTO by Jennifer HaywardThe Magnate's Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
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Reviewed by Vanessa

JRBestof2It was only meant to be seen by his buddies.  However, Jared Stone’s manifesto on women made the rounds on the Internet, and now he needs to do some major clean-up in order to salvage his company with its shareholders.  At the top of his ‘to do’ list is promoting Bailey St. John to VP of marketing. Being the schemer that he is, Jared works it to his advantage until he finds he is more involved than just business relations.


Bailey St. John has been working for Stone Industries for several years, and she hoped to have met her life’s goal by now.  However, Jared refused to promote her to a job she felt she could do in her sleep.  When his manifesto comes out, she realizes that her boss is just a pig, and her job is a dead end!  Resignation in hand, she is offered her dream job, only she didn’t read the fine print.


The Magnate’s Manifesto was an engrossing chemistry-filled scandalous read from beginning to end.  I enjoyed the fact that Bailey was a hard worker that she was prepared to walk when her boss’s manifesto leaked.  However, she was also willing to put aside some personal issues for the sake of the company, and was confident enough to know that she could help it to succeed in The Magnate’s Manifesto.  Jared was a thrill to watch as all his preconceived perceptions of women were kicked to the side by Bailey and her company-first stance.


I also liked that even though Bailey didn’t have the best beginnings, she reinvented herself against all the odds to rise to the top in The Magnate’s Manifesto.  Generally, the hero in these stories seem to have a lot to overcome, and Jared did in The Magnate’s Manifesto, but I preferred the growth of Bailey more.  I think that Jared meant every single word of his manifesto, but Bailey blew those beliefs out of the water, and it was fun watching Jared realize his assumptions were wrong in The Magnate’s Manifesto.


The Magnate’s Manifesto had Jared and Bailey slow burning over the course of the tale, and a sleazy villain was tossed in to stir that combustion a little more in their favor.  Who wouldn’t love a story like that?  Therefore, I Joyfully Recommend The Magnate’s Manifesto.


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