THE NEW YORK SAINTS SERIES by Melanie ScottThe New York Saints Series by Melanie Scott
Genres: Contemporary
Published by St. Martin's Press


The Devil in Denim


All her life all Maggie Jameson has wanted to do was run The Saints when her father retired. She’s worked every day since she was a child to help the team. The last thing she ever expected was her father to sell the team out from under her. Alex Winters has always loved The Saints so when the chance came, he and his three friends jumped to buy the team. It’s a dream that they have always shared. Maggie allows Alex to convince her to stay and help The Saints but she can’t stop feeling betrayed and the anger is aimed directly at Alex. As they work together to make The Saints better, they find the attraction between them is white hot and before long, attraction becomes something more. But when Maggie is offered the dream she’s worked for all her life, can she turn it down for what Alex is offering her?



Angel in Armani


Sara Charles has been doing everything she can to hold her family’s business, Charles Air, together since her father’s accident incapacitated him. Sara is taking every flight she can to keep the business running. Lucas Angelo and his two friends bought The Saints. Now Lucas is the team surgeon and finds himself constantly traveling between his practice and The Saints training location. When a storm traps Sara and Lucas together they spend a passionate night together but Sara isn’t reading anything into it and is determined not to repeat it. Lucas wants Sara around so he can change her mind, he’s sure there is something between them that he wants to explore. He pulls some strings to have Sara made The Saints personal pilot. With the current shape of Charles Air, it’s an offer that Sara cannot refuse. Even if it means spending time with Alex and constantly being tempted. As they spend more and more time together can Alex overcome Sara’s fear of the differences between their lifestyles and convince her to take a chance on him?


Lawless in Leather


Raina Easton never saw herself teaching a bunch of would be cheerleaders dance moves. But when the owners of The Saints offer her the coaching job for their new cheerleading squad The Fallen Angels, she can’t turn it down. Malachi Coulter keeps telling his partners there are no cheerleaders in baseball but they are convinced that The Fallen Angels will help sell tickets and fill The Saints stadium. Now he’s faced with the owner of a burlesque club running a squad of baseball cheerleaders. Against his will, he finds himself so intrigued by Raina that he visits her club just to learn more about her. As the passion burns between them and the feelings grow stronger, can Malachi learn to let his control go enough to hold on to Raina forever?


When I first received Lawless in Leather for review, I couldn’t believe I’ve never read Melanie Scott before! How did I miss her or The New York Saints series?! I immediately went and picked up Devil in Denim and Angel in Armani . Once I’d read them both I knew this series had to be a Recommended Read but I couldn’t pick just one. How did I chose between Alex, Lucas or Malachi? So they all had to be recommended! Readers won’t be disappointed if they only read one title but you sure will be missing a treat if you don’t read all three of these books. Super sexy, filled with romance and laughter this is one series that is not to be missed!!

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