THE PAUPER PRINCE by Sui LynnThe Pauper Prince by Sui Lynn
Series: Changing Moon #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Erotic, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa


Abandoned at birth, foster homes, state homes, and juvenile detention shaped runaway

and newly 18 year old Lance Fitz.  There are very few happy or good memories for Lance to remember.  He’s been moved around and through the system so much that Lance is pretty sure he doesn’t retain his birth name. 

Living off the land in the Black Hills beholden to no one gives Lance a sense of peace.  Coming across an old derelict shack he’s hoping to make it habitable for the coming winter. 

A few miles away a thriving ranch is the first sign of civilization Lance’s seen in awhile.  Sneaking quietly into the barn he ‘borrows’ some tools with the intention of returning the things when he’s done.  Unfortunately for Lance he’s caught by the owner’s son, Andrew Reed who gives chase.  During his flight for freedom Lance is overwhelmed by intense pain.  After blacking out he awakens to find he’s no longer human.  Life will never be the same for Lance.  He will soon learn that meeting Andrew is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.  And this is only the beginning.

A mesmerizing, expertly crafted tale of love, redemption, and mystery unfolds.  The Pauper Prince takes readers on an incredible journey where falling for Lance and Andrew is a given.  An emotional tsunami builds from the start though Lance certainly doesn’t want anyone’s pity for the life he’s had to endure.  Plenty of surprises and thrills only adds to the drama that is The Pauper Prince.  This multilayered story satisfies on every level from start to finish. Romance, fast paced action, and an intense plotline are packed within Lance and Andrew’s tale.  I Joyfully Recommend The Pauper Prince.  Obviously, Book 2 can’t come soon enough.

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