THE PROTECTOR by Cooper West

THE PROTECTOR by Cooper West

THE PROTECTOR by Cooper WestThe Protector by Cooper West
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

JRBestof2From earliest recorded history there have been Guardsmen – a Handler and a Protector – one human and the other a weredog shifter.  They are bondmates for life and when one dies the other follows almost immediately.  At no time in their history has one out lived the other.  Until the day Handler Theo Taylor was gunned down and his Protector Alex Taylor survived.


Three years and Alex continues.  He lives and breathes.  He exists and little more.  And because Alex is still alive he’s expected to take regular checkup trips to the Institute where young Guardsmen are taught and trained for their future.


During one of Alex’s customary visits to the Institute he catches a scent that shouldn’t be possible, his bondmate.  The Protector zeroes in on a man he’s never met before, twenty-six year old unbonded Handler, Marcus Stephanek.  He too is an anomaly, a Handler long past the age of finding his counterpart.  Alex doesn’t want another bondmate, he wants Theo back.  As for Marcus, thrilled at finally meeting his Protector, his heart is literally crushed when Alex denies him.  Wounded souls barely coping with what fate hands them and there’s more to come.


An alternate reality that asks an emotional investment, The Protector is the perfect escape.  The groundwork begins slowly, builds layer upon layer as the pace quickens and the drama unfolds.  Characters from Alex and Marcus to the secondary cast come alive on the page for readers to identify with.  This other world in The Protectors leaves no emotional stone unturned.  I Joyfully recommend The Protectors.  As soon as you finish, you will want to start again.  Alex and Marcus and The Protectors won’t let go.

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