THEIRS TO KEEP by Maya Banks

THEIRS TO KEEP by Maya Banks

THEIRS TO KEEP by Maya BanksGenres: Contemporary, Erotica
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Cade Walker and Merrick Sullivan have been best friends since school. Now they share a house and Merrick helps Cade with his security business in between training and fighting towards the world championship as an MMA heavyweight.  Then one night they are called out when one of their alarms goes off at a client’s gun shop.  Cade and Merrick are expecting to either find out it was some kids or an animal, but what they actually find is a very scared, battered and naked woman who can’t remember anything.  The decisions that they make that night are going to not only change their friendship forever but their very lives.


Elle isn’t sure about anything, but she is scared to death of cops and hospitals.  When two huge men find her in a shop, hurt and scared Elle just wants to run.  But for some reason she finds herself trusting these two men.  When they offer to help her discover who she is and what happened, Elle agrees to go with them at least for the night.  With a past that doesn’t exist, Elle feels like she is beginning a new life and yet, as she heals, flashes show her that something very bad happened and a betrayal was behind it.  But who was it, where did it happen and why?


Cade and Merrick realize pretty quickly that they are each falling for the gentle woman that Elle is.  Each is also trying to figure out a way to have Elle without destroying a friendship they never want ruined.  When the ultimate answer is reached, first they have to convince each other and then Elle that it can work.  During all of this, Merrick has finally gotten his chance at the world heavyweight championship and someone is out to destroy Cade and Merrick and their security business.  When circumstances that occur with each of these factors puts Elle in danger, Cade and Merrick react with the love that has grown between them and Elle to keep her safe and them all together.  Elle might not know what happened to her or why, but she knows that the love she has with Cade and Merrick is a forever one.  With all their hearts entwined finding the answer to protect their love and each other takes yet another serious talk between Elle and her two lovers.  This time they will seal their love in the ultimate way.  Just as the world is as bright as Elle can remember, new memories arise and all three know that discovering Elle’s past and who harmed her will need to be done before they can reach the future Cade, Merrick and Elle are dreaming of without any clouds.


Two protective men and one scared and hurt woman discover that passion can overcome fears, betrayals and even strengthen a lifelong friendship in Theirs to Keep.  I hurt when I read just what had happened to Elle and then I got mad, not as mad as Merrick and Cade but I was firmly in their corner and wanting to protect Elle with them.  I loved watching as Elle slowly gained the confidence to accept both Cade and Merrick and the love that had grown between them all.  I found that both Cade and Merrick were very determined men, but that when she wanted to Elle could beat out their determination.  I felt their excitement when Merrick won the championship and their frustration, both separately and together as they worked at finding the ultimate balance that would allow their love and relationship to flourish.  The emotions that were drawn from me from the first page to the last ran the gambit from shock to despair to smiles and rode the roller coaster with them on their discovery of love.  Theirs to Keep is a modern world love story, with the best types of kinks and twists.  I have no idea what Elle, Cade and Merrick will find as they search for the truth, but I do know that the strength of their love will keep them steady in the tough times I feel are coming.


I wanted the next piece of the story the very minute I closed the last page.  I really can’t wait to read where Elle’s memories will take them.  Theirs to Keep is a must read and a true keeper in every sense of the word and, for me, it is also a book to Joyfully Recommend as one you won’t want to miss.


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