ULTIMATE COURAGE by Piper J. DrakeUltimate Courage by Piper J. Drake
Series: True Heroes #2
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Forever



Retired Navy SEAL Alex Rojas is putting his life back together, one piece at a time. Being a single dad to his young daughter and working at Hope's Crossing Kennels to help rehab a former guard dog, he struggles every day to control his PTSD. But when Elisa Hall shows up, on the run and way too cautious, she unleashes his every protective instinct.

Elisa's past never stays in her rearview mirror for long, and she refuses to put anyone else in danger. But with Alex guarding her so fiercely yet looking at her so tenderly, she's never felt safer . . . or more terrified that the secrets she keeps could put countless people in grave peril. The only way for both to fully escape their demons will take the ultimate act of courage: letting go and learning to trust each other.

Ultimate Courage is a passionate love story filled with fiery emotions and adventure.  Piper J. Drake continues her True Heroes series in style with Ultimate Courage.  I seriously cannot get enough of this series and the characters within.  As a reader I felt like I was returning home to the family as I read through the pages.  I LOVE these people and the dogs!


Ultimate Courage opens with our heroine Elisa Hall on the run and in the need of help.  Our hero Alex Rojas is ex-military suffering from PTSD while single parenting his rambunctious daughter Selena “Boom” Rojas.  Elisa and Alex’s paths cross and are forever changed.  These two are like magnets once they connect there is no pulling them apart. Their chemistry is on fire and as they explore it the pages get hot, hot, hot!  Speaking of chemistry there is another character that enchants the reader and that would be Souze.  Souze is a German Shepard Dog that is rehabilitating at Hope’s Crossing Kennels.  Souze is having trouble rehabbing but he may just be perfection for Elisa and Alex.  I love their journey together throughout the book.


I love the themes throughout the book. Ultimate Courage features strong family connections whether by blood or by choice.  The connection between the men of Hope’s Crossing Kennels and the people that surround them is powerful.  They are all a force to be reckoned with.  Ultimate Courage is also about survival.  You can feel such hope while reading.  All of the characters are struggling with different levels of issues and they are surviving the best they can while leaning on each other.  I love this!


If you want a thrilling, heartwarming read then Ultimate Courage is a MUST!  Drake redefines the action hero with the strong, sexy, sensitive men of her True Heroes series and the dogs they train! I am Joyfully Recommending Ultimate Courage! I cannot wait for the next book!

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