UNBREAKABLE by Stephanie Tyler

UNBREAKABLE by Stephanie Tyler

UNBREAKABLE by Stephanie TylerUnbreakable by Stephanie Tyler
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Genres: Fiction, Suspense
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Published by Penguin

Reviewed by Miranda

THIS IS SECTION 8. A cabal of operatives with dangerous pasts teams up to work black ops missions. Their weapon: deception. Can they help one of their own before he goes too far? When Gunner agreed to help Section 8, he didn’t realize he’d be pulled back into the shadowy world he thought he’d escaped forever. The son of double agents, he was initiated at a young age into the cold world of espionage when his father forced him to work for international smuggler Drew Landon. And when Gunner’s past with Landon threatens the other mercenaries, and, most important, Avery, he makes an impossible choice...and disappears. Avery’s not willing to give up on Gunner. The attraction between them has been there from the start, and she rallies Section 8 to help him. She knows there’s only one way to keep Gunner safe: fake his death and take him off the grid. But when she finally locates him, Gunner is a changed man, harder, more desperate, and on the edge of self-destruction. And only Avery can find a way to free him from Landon—and from the demons of his past—before it’s too late.




Gunner is a bad boy with a dark past.  He has feelings for a woman he shouldn’t and now his past is coming back to haunt him in a big way.  When he got involved with Section 8 he never dreamed it would lead him back to his dark place. However, now that things are getting dangerous he will do whatever it takes to keep the people he cares about safe.


Avery is used to danger.  After all her and her brother have been on the run for their lives as a shadowy ex-government psycho tried to have them killed.  But now that they have a little reprieve she had planned to pursue the lusty feelings she has for the handsome Gunner but before she gets the chances he’s gone.  Avery isn’t about to let Gunner get away and she’s definitely not going to let him walk into danger alone.  Will she be able to save him or will they both end up as pawns in someone else’s game?


Stephanie Tyler’s Section 8 series is the best new romantic suspense series of 2013! I cannot get enough of her diverse characters, intricate plotlines and downright steamy romance.  Gunner and Avery heated things up in the first Section 8 novel and I couldn’t wait to read their story because I knew it was going to be a doozy and I was right.  These two have had a hard road and it just got harder!  One thing I love about Ms. Tyler’s characters is the fact that she knows how to right tough women.  Her women don’t wilt and wait for the man to save them no they jump in and save their men if they have to.  Gunner’s stubbornness had me yelling at the book a number of times. I couldn’t wait for Avery to straighten him out.  The scenes between them are so intimate not only on a sexual level but on an emotional one.  Some of them were so powerful I found myself sobbing. Unbreakable is on my HIT list as in it’s so good if one of my friends try to take it off my book shelf I may have to hurt them


Prepare yourself for one hot ride Unbreakable is romance on steroids.


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