UNWRAPPING THE CASTELLI SECRET by Caitlin CrewsUnwrapping the Castelli Secret by Caitlin Crews
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Mills & Boon


Five years ago, Rafael Castelli’s stepsister had died in a horrible car accident.  She’d been the one woman that he had loved, completely.  Ever since his loss of Lily, Rafael has seen her or some form of her in other women.  Chasing down another stranger that reminded him of Lily, Rafael is knocked sideways when he realizes it really is Lily Holloway.  Not wishing to ever let her slip through his fingers again, and to make up for the wrongs of the past, Rafael sets his course on Lily.


Lily Holloway was tired of the hurt that Rafael and she inflicted on one another, so when an opportunity presented itself, Lily took full advantage of the situation and walked away. She never dreamed that the handsome Italian would stumble across her in a town in Virginia that had nothing to do with the circles they had previously travelled.  However, Lily is adamant that she will play her role to the very bitter end.


Unwrapping the Castelli Secret is so much better than your average HP book.  It truly ignites your emotions and pulls you around the block as you turn each and every page.  Unwrapping the Castelli Secret is a book that will have you unable to look away until you have finished the story of Rafael and Lily, and if I’m completely honest, wanting to reread their tale.


Oh. My. Gosh!!  Unwrapping the Castelli Secret had me sympathizing with the love story that Rafael believed he had lost from the beginning.  Sure he admitted to not be the greatest man on earth in his musings, but I found I wanted the stranger he spotted to be his lost love, as well.  When Lily’s thoughts are visited, and you know exactly what she has done and why, I found that I was completely on her side.  What she did to Rafael was wrong in Unwrapping the Castelli Secret, however that cruel, mean, childish side of me yelled that it was completely justified because of everything that he had inflicted upon her.  That side didn’t even know the half of it in Unwrapping the Castelli Secret.


I fluctuated from the truth to be completely revealed, to wanting things to turn out differently, to wishing that Rafael had paid more in Unwrapping the Castelli Secret.  I found I was just a little bit vindictive towards this older man and what he did to the younger Lily, but in the end, she forgave him, and I am left feeling that their love is more of an obsession that will never completely be quenched.


Unwrapping the Castelli Secret is a book that will leave its imprint on you.  It’s not the run-of-the-mill HP that reads so much like all the others.  Unwrapping the Castelli Secret is one that will stand out, and you won’t soon forget it either.  I therefore, MUST Joyfully Recommend Unwrapping the Castelli Secret!

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