WILD DARKNESS by Lauren Dane

WILD DARKNESS by Lauren Dane

WILD DARKNESS by Lauren DaneWild Darkness by Lauren Dane
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
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Published by Berkley Publishing Group

Reviewed by Jo

Lauren Dane's breathtaking series comes to a thrilling conclusion as the heat of all-out war fans the fires of an otherworldly romance? The bombing that almost killed Owen witch Molly Ryan has worsened the tensions between the humans and the Others. While the Others desperately campaign to prevent the passage of a law that would strip their people of all rights, the human separatists develop an agenda far worse than anyone imagined. With her position more precarious than ever, security head Helena Jaansen finds herself relying more and more heavily on her personal guard, Faine Leviathan, and, despite her better instincts, falling more deeply into the intimate connection that they share. As Helena and Faine's explosive passion grows, a deadly separatist plot is discovered, one that could mean ultimate destruction for the Others, and war breaks out between the two opposing factions. With the Others forced into hiding, Helena must overcome her fear of repeating past failures to save her people?and her heart?before it's too late?




Helena Jaasen is the head Hunter for the Gennessee Clan and a strong witch who isn’t happy that her people and all Others are now having to fight against humans to survive just because they are different.  The battles are getting worse and lots of people on both sides are being hurt and killed.  Helena’s primary job is to keep the Gennessee safe but as the Others join together to keep their people safe, Helena is selected as the security head for the new coalition. Like her life wasn’t intense enough, but Helena has never turned away from a battle that will keep those she protects safe and she won’t this time either.


Faine Leviathan is a Lycian prince from Lycia – a land on the other side of the Veil – and Helena’s brother-in-law.  He crossed the Veil in order to help the Others fight a battle that is quickly becoming a war.  He has been alive for a long time and experienced many wars so his knowledge and help are greatly needed.  As the events are turning more deadly, Faine has traveled to California to help Helena and has been greatly impressed by both her abilities and her fighting style to keep those she protects safe.  When Helena is elected as the head of the new security team put together by the Others’ coalition, Faine is given the job of being her personal guard.



In the mist of deadly battles, constant red alerts and threats to them personally, Faine and Helena also face the fact that what they feel is much more than respect – it’s a passion that could change their lives.  It quickly becomes apparent that the hate mongers are willing to kill everyone including small children to keep America pure.  Helena and Faine are on the front lines as the battles turn even more deadly and yet they find the time to explore the passion that is binding them.  America is being torn apart with this battle between the hate filled humans and the Others and time is running out before all these battles erupt into a War that will make friends and family members choose sides.  That is unless Helena and Faine find a way to show that Others might have powers but they don’t use them against humans unless forced to in time to stop the bloodshed.



Two warriors in a time of deadly battles discover that nothing will stop a love that fate desires in Wild Darkness.  I swear I held my breath from the front cover to the back cover afraid that I might miss something.  Helena lives and breathes her position as the head Hunter for the Gennessee Clan and deeply feels every loss in this time of madness.  Faine originally came across the Veil to help in the emerging war only to find the one woman who made his soul sing.  I loved how Helena and Faine found a way to stay optimistic when all the battles and deaths should have made them exactly the opposite.



Many times I just shook my head at the realistic way that Ms. Dane explored just how far some people will go to destroy what they are afraid of.  All the hate, bigotry and self justified actions which become so apparent in this fast paced and action packed journey which finally climaxes a story arc I have loved across several series.  I loved watching as Helena and Faine not only obtained a love others dream of but were also the keys that proved being different didn’t mean bad in Wild Darkness.  If you haven’t guessed yet, I believe that Helena and Faine’s story is a must read and a true keeper.



Yes, that means I also Joyfully Recommend Wild Darkness as a book you won’t want to put down.  I would also highly suggest reading the entire story arc in order which goes across the Bound in Magick, de La Vega Cats and Cascadia Wolves series.

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