Wild at Whiskey Creek
by Julie Anne Long

Series: Hellcat Canyon #2
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher




When I first started the Hellcat Canyon series I had no idea what to expect because I had never read a story by Julie Anne Long before but of course after reading and falling in love with Hot in Hellcat Canyon I already knew I had to get my hands on Wild at Whiskey Creek. While the wait seemed long I can tell you this book was damn well worth the few months of waiting. I am a total sucker for friends to lovers stories and I have made that known constantly, but Ms. Long brought a freshness to this story and for that reason I have to say this has to be one of my favorite books this year, hands down.


Glory is a talented singer and she knows it. That’s why she has money saved to get out of Hellcat Canyon, but what she didn’t plan on was having to help her family keep their house after her brother goes to jail. The worst part? His best friend and the man she has loved since his seventeenth birthday put him there. Going from love to dislike takes a lot out of a girl but Glory is pushing ahead. She may not get the guy or the career that she wanted but nothing is going to stop her from trying.


Eli hated having to put his best friend away and every day he lives with the reminder. It also doesn’t help that Glory is still in town when he knew she should be gone making her dreams come true. After all, he is one of the people who always believed in her and wanted her to share her gift. Their friendship is strained and he would do anything to get it back, but for now the little barbs they trade will have to be enough until one of them finally changes the game.


Wild at Whiskey Creek was more than enjoyable; it was sweet, funny, and had characters I will forever remember. From the very first introduction to these characters I knew I was in for the ride of a lifetime. I really liked how long Eli and Glory had known each other for. During the story Ms. Long gives bits and pieces of their past while they were growing up and just from that I could see the strong connection these two had. Eli is a confident man but when it comes to Glory he is anything but confident and it shows every time he is near her. He doesn’t come off as a man who is scared of anything but he is worried that he wouldn’t be enough for her. Glory is one of my favorite heroines of all time. She is witty, feisty and while she always seems put together on the outside it doesn’t always match how she feels on the inside.


I love a good tension between the hero and the heroine and these two definitely had it throughout the entire story. While the romance between the two takes time I didn’t mind because the pages were filled with tons of chemistry, humor and a few sexy kisses that would have almost knocked me off my feet if I had been standing. Everyone loves a good love scene, at least I do, so I was surprised that I didn’t notice that they didn’t have one until the ending. After the story ended I actually sat there and said no, this can’t be right but it was and I realized I didn’t mind that Ms. Long saved it. It was everything I thought it would be and more. For me, if a story is really good I tend to forget about the couple having sex because the story just flows and this was just one of those stories that it didn’t matter if they did or not.


This was a great addition to this series and I could read Wild at Whiskey Creek over and over again and not get bored one bit. As a matter of fact I just finished it and already I’m ready to pick it up again. Normally I don’t recommend a lot of books but this is one I highly recommend for all romance lovers. If this isn’t on your to buy list I would rectify that right away because you won’t want to miss this one!

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