WINGING IT by Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James

WINGING IT by Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James

WINGING IT by Ashlyn Kane & Morgan JamesWinging It by Ashlyn Kane, Morgan James
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


Gabriel Martin has a professional resume to be proud of from just about anyone’s perspective.  With an Olympic gold medal at home the Canadian hockey player is currently racking up points as a wingman with the Quebec City Nordiques, the Dekes.


He’s lived and breathed the sport most of his life and hopes to stay in the game until his body gives out.  Less than a handful of his team mates are aware of Gabe’s secret and he planned to keep it that way.  Knowing that his sexuality and professional sports do not mix Gabe’s never bothered with anything more than a hookup.  He wouldn’t even know how to do a relationship at this point.


Normally Gabe’s only anxiety depended on the Dekes place while chasing points.  And then there’s his quiet obsession with fellow player Dante Baltierra who pushes all of his lust buttons.  Some days it’s hard to ignore the extra beat in his heart when Dante’s around, but he manages because he has to.  At least he did have to until Gabe’s thrown under the proverbial bus by a past lover.  When the news breaks nationally it’s a nightmare for the ‘outed’ hockey player.


With the country watching his every move, worry over how his team mates will react, Gabe is pleasantly surprised by all the support he receives in and out of the locker room.  Winning streaks and losing slumps are life lessons Gabe can handle.  It’s all the rest of it that has the hockey player spinning like relationships and love.  Hockey is simple, life not so much.


Readers can enjoy the sport and love the characters in Winging It.  Sweaty uniforms, gossip and curses and more, it’s all laid bare in the action packed drama where nothing is sacred in the locker room.  Embrace and accept Gabe, a complicated, everyday guy who handles a personal nightmare with grace.  What truly makes Winging It so special is the interaction between all the characters, the humor, and the emotional issues they all deal with in this high pressure sport.  Wit, snark, and deadpanned dialogue set this story on the keeper shelf.  I Joyfully recommend Winging It for the laughs and hope that Gabe’s story could be real.


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