WOLF WITH BENEFITS by Shelly Laurenston

WOLF WITH BENEFITS by Shelly Laurenston

WOLF WITH BENEFITS by Shelly LaurenstonWolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston
Series: The Pride #8
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

Reviewed by Jo

Deciding to have some hot, sweaty, no-strings-attached fun with Ricky Lee Reed, the sexy predator assigned to keep her family safe from their enemies, Toni Jean-Louis Parker doesn't know how to handle this wild wolf when things take a serious turn. Original.


Toni Jean-Louis Parker is a she-jackal who has spent her entire life handling and smoothing things over for her very overwhelming family of prodigies.  Every time Toni thinks she can break away and maybe have a life of her own, something happens so that she is drawn back into being the only practical one of the family.  One afternoon, Toni takes some of her brothers and sisters to the sports arena so that her brother can get his jersey signed by his favorite hockey player.  That afternoon starts a chain of events that changes Toni’s life and that of all her family members forever. 

Ricky Lee Reed is one laid back wolf who looks for enjoyment from everything and everyone around him.  However, being laid back does not mean he can’t do his job and right now his job is to protect and keep Toni safe.  After meeting her family, Ricky knows that he will have to protect Toni not only from the danger that has targeted her family but also from Toni herself. Ricky has never really wanted a long-term relationship but everything in Ricky stood up and paid attention when he met Toni and it’s only getting stronger. 

In another attempt to have a chance at having her own life, Toni accepts a job with the hockey team – one that might just drive her in to a nervous breakdown before Toni gets a handle on it. Having Ricky constantly underfoot is testing Toni in an entirely different way. He is just so laid back and sexy that Toni would love to just lick him all up.  The feelings that spark between Ricky and Toni lead to passionate encounters.  When Toni’s job takes Toni and Ricky away for an extended time, it’s Ricky’s best chance to prove to Toni that her family can survive without her constant attendance.  Toni is almost convinced that she can have a life and Ricky when all heck breaks loose.  Nothing and no one is going to stop Toni from protecting her siblings and with the help of Ricky, the Agency and a few others, she does just that.  When the dust settles, will this adventure be the final nudge that Toni needs to accept her life finally and her passion with Ricky or will it push her back into the family fold for good?

Take one security minded and fun loving wolf and mix him with a sexy time managing she-jackal and you have an explosion of passion and a lifetime of adventures.  Wolf with Benefits shows Toni and Ricky that life is what you make of it and that passion always rules.  As I read and experienced Toni and Ricky’s journey, I couldn’t help but to smile and laugh in several areas and I also got extremely mad in a couple of places.  I just loved how Ricky’s pragmatism was the perfect foil to Toni’s need to have everything perfectly and timely arranged.  I was instantly drawn into Toni and Ricky’s story and I ended up reading Wolf with Benefits in one long session.  Who needs sleep anyway and I just couldn’t bring myself to put it down. 

I have come to know that no matter what my mood is and especially if I’m feeling bad or down, I can just pick up one of Ms. Laurenston’s books and it is an instant mood changer.  It was no different this time with Ricky and Toni’s story; they made me laugh, smile, growl and howl from the first page until the last.  With the explosive ending, and a character I’m sure we will see again in time because evil really does need to be destroyed, I just had to Joyfully Recommend Wolf with Benefits as a must read and a book that will probably end up on the keeper self or never leave your reader. 

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