A CHANGE OF TUNE by J. M. Cartright

A CHANGE OF TUNE by J. M. CartrightA Change of Tune by J. M. Cartwright
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id


Everyone who listens to music knows of Johnny Rayne and his band Storm.  He’s accomplished everything he set out to do all those years ago with hit albums, number one songs, sell out concerts, and the rest of it.  Lately however, Johnny can’t seem to shake the restlessness and sense of emptiness. When he tells his inner circle that he wants to quit Johnny was hoping for support with his decision, but that definitely doesn’t happen.


Moving to a house in Elkins, West Virginia is about as different from L.A. as a world famous singer can get.  He sold three other houses and most of the furnishings without a qualm because he never had a chance to live in them.  This place however will be a home where he can build a new life and hopefully have a family at some point in the future.  Johnny is determined to go the whole nine yards here.  The first step though is to honest with himself, to accept who he truly is.


Ironically it is Johnny’s first meeting with Sheriff Virgil Grissom that begins to make everything crystal clear for the singer.  Grissom knows exactly who and what Johnny’s been hiding all these years and he’s got no intention of waiting around for Johnny to figure things out.  Johnny said he wanted a new life – be careful what you wish for…


An enchanting blend of drama, heart, and sexual discovery, A Change of Tune strikes just the right chord.  Total opposites attract and blow the roof off with their blinding eroticism from lusty and steamy hot sex to tender and touching lovemaking.  As open as Johnny is to those he loves, Grissom is the complete opposite with an impregnable shield surrounding his heart.  A Change of Tune is a heartwarming story of relationships between lovers, family, and friends.  Everything works out, maybe a little too neatly in the end.  Nonetheless, A Change of Tune has spirited characters you will root for.  Curl up in a soft chair and enjoy as Johnny’s life unfolds in A Change of Tune.

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