A CHRISTMAS VOW OF SEDUCTION by Maisey YatesA Christmas Vow of Seduction by Maisey Yates
Genres: Contemporary, Holidays
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin


Prince Andres must marry the re-gifted Princess Zara to appease a sin that he committed against his brother, the King of Petras.  Andres had always felt it was better to push away those that loved him rather than see in their eyes the disappointment they had for him when he continued to fall short in their estimation.  Broaching a marriage like a contract, in which once heirs were provided both parties could seek out others in discreet ways, seemed like a good idea until those three words were mentioned!


Princess Zara had been hidden away and protected by ‘gypsies’ until the new government in her country found that she could be of some use.  Zara had learned to keep others at a distance, but Andres had managed to worm his way into her heart as he tamed her into being a show piece for her new position.  However, Andres pushes her too far, and Zara realizes that there is more to life than constant sorrow.


A Christmas Vow of Seduction was set up as an archaic tale that offered no true resolution for either party than to see how they could work together to attain their goals.  Andres was really a good guy, but he went about things the wrong way in A Christmas Vow of Seduction in order to protect his feelings.  Zara seemed like a different side to the same coin, as she also wanted to protect her own heart.  However, Zara seemed eons ahead of Andres in maturity in A Christmas Vow of Seduction and her clever telling of this was spot on!


A Christmas Vow of Seduction was an entertaining read with a few sprinkles of humorous dialogue tossed in for good measure!  The characters of Andres and Zara were well-formed and seemed to be good together as the navigated their new found circumstances in A Christmas Vow of Seduction.  I also found that A Christmas Vow of Seduction sparked my curiosity with Andres’ brother and sister-in-law’s story.

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