A Gentleman 'Til Midnight
by Alison DeLaine

Published by Harlequin Genres: Historical
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Reviewed by Miranda

The complication they don't want… Lady Katherine Kinloch survived captivity once. Now the notorious captain of her own ship, she refuses to let anyone jeopardize her hard-won freedom. But on a voyage to England to fight for her family's endangered estate, Katherine is thrown off course when she unknowingly rescues celebrated naval captain James Warre…a man who stands for everything she despises. The passion they desperately need… Haunted by regret for his role in her dark past, James is determined to be more than the cold, calculating officer Katherine expects. Her seduction is his obsession, but his pride hangs in the balance if he gives in to temptation. And hiding beneath the scorching attraction between them lies a secret that could force the two apart for good.

Lady Katherine Kinloch was abducted and spent years in captivity.  She has persevered and now she is the Captain of her own ship.  She is famous among shipmen for her pirate tactics. Now, her inheritance is in jeopardy and she must head back to London to claim what is rightfully hers.  First, she must reluctantly rescue a shipwrecked man from the turbulent seas.


Famous Naval Captain James Warre went down with his ship.  He was about to give up on his chances of survival when a pirate ship plucked him from the water.  He lies about his identity for fear he might not be welcome if they knew he was a Naval Captain.  The journey back to London allows him to get to know Lady Katherine and her crew.


High seas are very dangerous but they do not hold a candle to the ladies of the London ton.  Katherine and James may bond at sea but things heat up once they hit the streets of London.  Will they be able to survive the sceptics of the Ton?


A Gentleman ‘til Midnight is a swashbuckling adventure bursting with steamy romance and witty characters.  I love that Katherine is the captain of her ship and she is an excellent one at that.  She commands her people and they love her for it.  I especially love the scenes with her daughter. They are so tender and sweet.  James is weak and desolate when we meet him but it doesn’t take long to learn there is much more to this man. Ms. Delaine definitely knows how to write strong characters that leave an impression long after the last line.


Katherine’s ship and the rough seas make a wondrous backdrop.  The way Katherine and James banter and flirt is fun and romantic.  I really fell in love with these two!  While there is plenty of romance the story features tons of laughs and drama as well.  A Gentleman ‘til Midnight captures the reader and will leave them wanting more after the last page.

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